Album Review: ‘One’ by Sarah Miles

onesarahRelease Date: July 16th 2013

Label: Rock Ridge Music

Purchase: iTunes | Amazon

Rating: 5/5

This album was provided in digital format in exchange for an honest review but that does not influence my opinion at all.

Had to state that before going any further because I sincerely enjoyed the debut album of Sarah Miles. Packed with a combination of country, folk, pop, acoustic, and soft rock songs, One is like a soothing soundtrack to the warm summer days and the bitter-sweetness of relationships and life. I cannot express enough how absorbing and easy to love these songs are, and I feel my review may not truly interpret the greatness of the album. But go on this journey with me as I give you a break down of my reaction to every single track:

Middle of Nowhere takes things on the road and I all but jump up from in front of my laptop and start air playing a guitar. I like how the track heightens its intensity as it gets to the hook. The words, the instruments, everything is impressionable. I find I can relate with the words greatly and that’s a good thing because Sarah’s lyrics are rather poetic and in depth. It’s a song about love loss and loneliness. A bit sad, but I’m in love with it. The album version sounds different from the one in the music video. But no complaints here because as much as I love that uptempo country drenched beat in the original, the latest sounds much more emotional in delivering the purpose of the words. 

Love the opening strings and those flowing harmonies in Just So You Know. By the time the second track kicks in my expectations are high because I’m hearing music that represents solidity, lyrically and in sound. Just So You Know is about appreciating love, life, and that special someone in your life that you know might not be there forever. Sarah sings about storing her feelings and holding on to him deeply but not so much as to suffocate the one she loves. This is absolutely sweet and realistic. My favorite lines are the ones leading into the chorus, where the artist carries the notes smoothly.

Bad Intentions has this mystery and intrigue in the music when it starts to play I was beyond compelled to listen. The song tells a story most women have experienced. The guy doesn’t appreciate the love he’s receiving from the girl. Knowing very well he’s not right for her she keeps going back to the situation regardless. Once again, relatable and truthful words. I like the mellowness of the track and how inviting the music and lyrics are. Biggest highlight is the breakdown towards the end of the song. 

The first ballad of the album, You’re Not, turned out to be my favorite aside from the lead single and opener. The heart-wrenching number is like a continuation from the previous where the guy is so wrong for the girl but she loves him in spite of the hurt he brings to her. The singing is beautiful; the words are beautiful; the overall composition of the track is just beautiful. I’m near tears listening to it over and over. There’s repetition in the hooks expressing so much ache and Sarah’s emotional tones just tug at my heart from start to finish. You’re Not is breathtaking. Just wow. I can’t think of anything other way to describe the perfection of the song, aside from implore you to listen and listen, and listen again.

Stand Up brings back a upbeat groovy appeal that has me moving. The song is encourages you to face the world with a sense of boldness. I like the elements used; not too loud not too laid back. Its just right. This is a great number fitting for a intimate setting in a lounge, or jiving in your house when you’re looking for a pick-me up.  

Break in Two is another upbeat number but intense at a higher level. The song brings in a fierce rock vibe enforcing greatly what the singer is trying to communicate. Love that break down during the bridge. The song is catchy, addictive, and mainstream worthy. You’ll only fall in love with it on first listen. Just like I fell in love with Meet Me There the moment those melodies came in. And that hard-hitting beat is just sensual, as vivacious as the lyrics. How fitting is about falling and letting go of everything else to simply bask in a thing called romance. I sense single appeal deeply in this one. Love how it sweetly fades out with only Sarah’s vocals in the end. Definitely another favorite 🙂

The album title, One, signifies strength and courage. The artist sings about the never-ending journey of chasing after her dreams. It’s as real as it comes because it’s simply Sarah’s story recorded in under four minutes. But as incomparable as she is musically, Sarah acknowledges people like you and me also pushing hard to realize our dreams. In a sense, this is the anthem for dream chasers. The biggest highlight, aside from the powerful lyrics, are those guitar riffs. 

Another exceptional ballad. Gray is a breathy and haunting number. The track extends further from the obvious sad concept, as the words sail passionately on a cloud of emotion which also depicts the singer trying to be okay amidst the grief. It’s also a reminder to continually love and cherish the ones we have in our lives right now and not wait till its too late. 

Take the Lead is a breathtaking duet where no one overpowers each other in this lovely dance of love. The country drenched ballad has the artist accompanied by a male vocalist just as passionate with his singing as Sarah is. Take the Lead is bound to be a favorite among country lovers with a crossover appeal to pop audiences. The words convey a longing for someone you were once with and hoping to rekindle the romance with no fear whatsoever. 

The album goes out in a bang with I Don’t Wanna See You. The fast paced guitar driven track is about Sarah rising above all the odds, and waving off the one who tried to bring her down and steal her shine. The artist sounds super confident and ferocious on this one. Her voice is strong and without restrain. I get excited when the hook kicks in. This song is like a middle finger to all the haters. I love it!

In summary, One is on point. The songs are catchy, meaningful, refreshing, emotionally charged, and without a doubt excellent production. Sarah Miles is a promising artist signifying variety in her music and noteworthy songwriting skills. Can’t wait to see how she evolves down the road because I’m convinced she’ll soar even higher. Music lovers, I approve One, and with no hesitation I beseech you to get it and support the artist because Sarah Miles is telling a story and you need to listen.


Track Listing:

01. Middle of Nowhere

02. Just So You Know

03. Bad Intentions

04. You’re Not

05. Stand Up

06. Break in Two

07. Meet Me There

08. One

09. Grey

10. Take The Lead

11. I Don’t Wanna See You


*This review is based on the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the views of EY as a whole. Please send your requests to embraceme (at) yahoo (dot) com


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Images Credit: Nick Glimenakis


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