Feature: [Pieces to the Puzzle: Mel Rivers]

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Mel Rivers is a young up and coming artist based out of NYC that I happened to bump into randomly in Manhanttan. His first question to me was, “Do you like hip-hop”. Without even thinking, I instantly said, “No”. Basically, shut down whatever it was his was trying to pitch. On second thoughts, I decided to give him a chance to explain himself that’s when I realized he was a young up and coming hip hop artiste on his hustle and grind.

Here at EY Mag, we respect that! Turned out he was trying to push his Pieces to the Puzzle Mixtape! (Click on the link to download). Personally, I’m not particularly a fan of hip-hop but nonetheless do enjoy listening to songs from time to time. Although I do have to say my listenership is motivated by the beats. Currently, French Montana and Nicki’s Freaks has my behind muscles twerkerizing. Hope that Mel has a twerkatastic song too. LOL! [They can’t all be conscious! They’ll put some of us to sleep]

So, my lovely EY readers download some of the songs available off his mixtape and give the youngin some feedback. I’m just too lazy to do a full album review! ย I blame it on the heat! It’s hotter than a mutha yo!

PS: He said #4 Masterpiece would be my favorite. ย Well, it actually is….very poetic!

I didn’t care at all for the Flavors joint. LAWD!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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