Mini Album Review: ‘A’s Doll House’ by Ailee

ailee2Release date: July 16th 2013

Label: Windmill Media/YMC Ent

Purchase: Kpoptown | Kpopmart

Ratings: 4.5/5

Ailee is indeed vocally talented. That for one I have to mention whenever I review her music. Heaven was like magnate for me, pulling me into the artist’s style and sound. And while her debut remains my favorite with the recent I’ll Show You disappearing quickly from my brain, I’m rather pleased that she’s finally returned with some new music and a new EP. A’s Doll House is soulful, contemporary, upbeat, and possesses a great amount of pizzazz in music composition and image concepts. This is by far one of the better releases in Kpop this year. 

The EP’s lead single, U&I, is an igneous and addictive track with the combination of go go beats, honey-like harmonies and a catchy hook. This is a perfect opener (mainstream appeal), with a just as glamorous and tasteful music video to accompany the powerful sounds as Ailee shows off her voluptuous curves and a few dance steps. While some might argue the track sounds a tad bit similar to Amerie’s 1 Thing & Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, as well as portray some of the pop icon’s moves, I have to say Ailee owns this song with her powerful tones and fiery attitude throughout. 

Of course no Kpop EP goes without a Dance song included. I usually don’t like these types of songs but No, No, No isn’t so bad. I like the breakdown in the second verse and bridge; I thought that was a great addition and it made the track even more interesting. Definitely a favorite among dance lovers, including me on occasion, but it’s actually my least favorite and is the reason why I didn’t give the EP 5 stars all the way.

Rainy Day has lovely piano melodies, emotional singing, and an overall banging beat. The unification of all the instruments evoke an intense feeling in my stomach as I listen to the song. Not to mention, Ailee’s sensational vocals gives me goosebumps. I’m drenched in every single drop. Rainy Day is my second favorite after the lead single. But to my delight, 이런 법이 어딨어 (How Could You Do This To Me) gives Rainy Day a challenge when it comes to emotionally driven singing. As the first jazzy, soul infested ballad of the record, this track gives me the feeling like I’m floating endlessly in a sea of sorrow. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to cry, cry, and cry some more, yet, there’s a tiny smile fighting to escape because you can’t help but feel thrilled about the production of the song. Crazy, but that’s my interpretation of its greatness.

열애설 (Scandal) certainly lives up to its title with the dramatic music and intrigue. Once more, loving the vocal arrangements and passion depicted. I’m fascinated with every effort made to bring this track alive, and very much pleased with its appearance on the EP. 

The short (yes, I know it’s an EP) release concludes with I’ll Be OK, giving off the vibe that Ailee will prevail even if the relationship has ended, which is a great ending to a story that started out with issues in the relationship, feeling like her love is betrayed, to maintaining that strength and confidence in standing tall when it all comes down. I love the themes used; I like that this song signifies so much solidity in concept, working along with an acoustic entrance, a bouncy r&b beat in verse, with a bit of urban pop and dance rudiments during the hook. You guessed it, there’s plenty of diversity in the sound exemplifying the kind of artist we’re listening to. Not sure who the guest vocals belong to but I like his addition. Another favorite of mine 🙂

All in all, great comeback. Ailee’s second EP is just full of energy, versatility, growth, and substance. With the minor issue I have with No, No, No aside, I can’t get enough of A’s Doll House. This EP is going to the top of my summer playlist right now. Get yourselves a copy!


Track Listing:
01. U&I
02. No No No
03. Rainy Day
04. 이런 법이 어딨어 (How Could You Do This To Me)
05. 열애설 (Scandal)
06. I'll Be OK


*This review represents the opinion of the writer and not EY as a whole. 

What do you think of the EP and Ailee’s music in general?

Credit: YMCEnt

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