L. Divine in ’10’

Author L. Divine steps away from the ‘Drama’ to take on our traditional 10 quick questions. Check out her replies below:

1. What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

Whatever is praiseworthy think of such things.

2. Describe your personality?

Quirky, loud, bright and real.

3. What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

I love to lift weights and jog. I try my best to stick to a natural diet; I cook most of our food and am teaching my children to do the same. I enjoy yoga when I can and laugh as much as possible. I also love to dance, sing loudly and veg out with my family and watch Netflix. Did I mention the importance of good sleep? J

4. The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?

Well, yes and no. I have embraced the practice of reusing and recycling when possible, and walking instead of driving when we can. However, moving from LA to ATL has made most of those adaptations a huge challenge. But my children are born and bread LA babies and keep me on my green toes!

5. Three things you can’t do without?

My Brita water bottle, iTunes and my pen and journal (they’re an inseparable pair thus one thing! 🙂


6. Describe your fashion style?

I am a Rasta style Oshune child: bright, comfy, sexy, tatted up, and yet quite the chic diva on occasion.

7. How do you unwind after a long week?

Wine, comedy and the gym…not necessarily in that order.

8. What empowers you?

Music, particularly reggae and certain hip hop artists, not to mention reading inspirational writings and of course, my children.

9. What is your favorite cuisine?

Ice cream…not really a cuisine but it should be!

10. How do you creatively express yourself, other than through writing?

I love tattoos and wicked, natural hairstyles. I love to wear dreads, cornrows, and flyy haircuts. I also like to dress according to my mood, which almost always includes bright colors and pretty toes. 

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