Okay, so you’re probably having the same reaction I did when I came across this group name. But fear not, they’re actually not so bad. The group’s debut single is mainstream worthy, trendy, and rather colorful if I might add. 

FAKY stands for Five Ass Kicking Youngsters, and is a combination of two words: FAntastic + toKYo, as well as deriving from the word “fake”. The group hopes to “challenge themselves to bring something new and real to the Japanese music scene.”

If you paid any attention to the music video for Better Without You, then you would notice that the words are in English and Japanese. Being a group of bilingual members, FAKY’s goal is to reach a global audience “outside of Japan as the next generation girls group from Tokyo. FAKY’s message is for girls to “do what they want, the way they want” as that is the FAKY’s way of life.” Sounds rebellious, huh 🙂

Here are the five members that make up FAKY:

Anyhoo, I like them cause they’re representing the fun, hip & energetic lifestyle of Toyko, and I hope you will like them as well. 



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