More like an admiration…

So, the daily post wants us to admit our jealousy and secret distaste, jk, for someone. I can’t say I’ve ever been jealous of ANYBODY ever, not when I was younger and not while I’m older. I will say though, that I do admire some people for their achievements and how driven they are in life. One person that comes to mind right now is Lauren Conrad.

Before you roll your eyes and say, “that reality star”. Let me just say that I’ve always kept my eyes on Lauren. There’s something about her that told me from the get-go, she’s a hard worker and wants to do A LOT in life. Ms. Conrad is a positive individual who aims for the highest. She’s an entrepreneur (I believe I’ve mentioned that word and LC in the same statement before during my interview with her, but no bias here). She has a lot going for her.

Lauren is an inspiring individual when you look at all she does: Fashion collection, books, endorsements, being environmentally aware (she’s all about going green & living a healthy lifestyle), and a number of other things. What can I say, the lady is building an empire based on hard work and not on her past as the popular girl from Laguna Beach & the Hills.

In other words, I do not envy her. I simply admire and respect Lauren Conrad. 

Image credit: Lauren Conrad fb

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