[Feature] MH the Verb: The Multifaceted MC

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Two weeks ago, on my way to the Shrine  (A popular multimedia arts and cultural venue located in Harlem, NYC which music lovers patronize throughout the week, especially because of the live performances) to vibe out to some dancehall reggae and African music, I stumbled upon a live performance that was absolutely electric. M.H. the Verb, a multi-talented artiste who is also a producer, songwriter and DJ, was on stage literally killing it, with his energy and a fantastic live production band. In the words of phrase forward kids, the place was liiiiiiiiiiiiit! According to his publicist, he  is an experience you don’t want to miss. With a unique sound that merges different genres together, this Philly/NYC based artiste, whose rhymes are more likely to be about student loans than “spinnaz” is one to definitely watch.

"Cult Classic" © [AVAILABLE NOW] cover artDuring a one on one interview with him, he revealed that he was not an up and coming artiste, like I’d initially thought. He actually had three projects out already. First up, Cult Classic his self produced digital solo debut album, released in 2011 to mixed reviews. For an independent release, it did not do too shabbily in the sales department, as it sold a few thousands. A successful 15 city tour to promote the album then followed. Next was Waffles and Whiskies (The Summer Brunch Collection) in 2012. This particular project was more mainstream than anything he had done before. It was also deeply very personal. Lastly, The Verbal Experience EP which was a live interpretation of his studio project was done at the famous World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

His forray into the music scene was originally as a DJ in high school. The emceeing, producing, and songwriting came much later. He cites his musical influences as being Eminem, Talib Kweli, Biggie, The Roots, amongst others.  Most artistes hire management to assit with the business side of things, but MH, has taken quite the opposite direction. He is a business man, who handles all his booking & tours, balances his accounts and whatever else management does. Speaking of which he just recently launched Balloon Up LLC, located in NYC which is a “collective group of artists as an outlet to release music, videos and other forms of artistic creation”. This is no easy feat and I sincerely tip my hat to this brotha. So far, he is doing it and doing it well. By the way, he is currently working on a project that he couldn’t talk too much about. 


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