[Exclusive] Who is Luke James?

Have you ever been moved so much by soulful music you just had to close your eyes and let it consume you? Well, that’s one way of putting my reaction to hearing Luke James‘ voice for the first time. Following my discovery I went to work, checking out his releases via youtube and researching about his background. Turns out Luke James has been in the music industry longer that I initially thought. James has penned thought-provoking songs for big names behind the scene, and has even earned a GRAMMY nomination. But now its his turn to shine. Once you hear this talented artist sing, you’ll have no doubts as to why lady Sasha fierce invited Luke James as an opening act on the Mrs. Carter Show world tour. That sure kept him busy, and I was biting my nails to hear whether or not he’d be able to do anything with EY. But thank Heavens, I have the pleasure of presenting an exclusive interview with the r&b crooner now. 

Check out the melting song that started it all for me, and continue below to discover just who is Luke James?

In three words, who is Luke James?
Singer, creator, lover…

When did you realize you wanted to become an entertainer?

As long as I can remember… I always wanted this.

My love for music runs deep in my blood.


You’re certainly no newbie to the biz. You started out singing backup for Tyrese, and then transitioned into a songwriter for big names like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. How challenging is it being a solo artist and writing your own songs, as oppose to being behind the scenes and creating songs for others?

Not challenging at all. The words come from my heart and it’s easier to write from my own experiences, rather than trying to relate to someone else’s experience and trying to convey what they are feeling.

And now that you are doing your thing, tell us about your musical style and what you bring to the table?
I bring honesty. And I leave it all on the floor – at least I try to…

In your opinion, where does r&b stand amidst the ever changing music industry?
Right in the middle of it all. Everything is rhythm and blues. It’s just different artistic expressions that makes it sound different.

What motives you to keep going?
My love for music runs deep in my blood.

I absolutely love your latest, I.O.U. Tell us the story behind the song.
The song was written by my brother Kevin Cossom, and it speaks of the gratitude that you have for someone who has been in your corner.

What are some of the themes depicted on your debut album, Made to Love, aside from the obvious love?
Love sums up the majority of the theme because in love you find other ups and downs of life.

How has Luke James evolved since debut till now?
I have become a better performer. A better lover. A better human being.  And better artist. 

…speak and work your dreams into existence.


By the way, not many people are aware of you being a dancer along with singing and songwriting. You’ve even appeared in Beyoncés Run the World music video. When did you start? 

Since I was a child able to sit up. But I was not a dancer in Beyonce’s video. I was an actor…

And speaking of Beyoncé, you’re the opening act for her Mrs. Carter Show. How has the experience been so far?
It’s been awesome and I’ve learned a lot. Touring the world has made me a better performer and artist.

Any other projects you’d like to share with us? What’s next for you?
Debut album “Made to Love” coming soon. I am co-starring in my first feature film the musical “Black Nativity” alongside Forest Whitaker, Angela Basset, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Nas, Jacob Lattimore, Tyrese, and Grace Gibson. The movie comes out this November in time for the holidays.

Thank you so much for taking the time. Please leave a message for your fans, as well as any tips for aspiring entertainers out there.
Thank you for having me. And the advise I would give is to speak and work your dreams into existence. 

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Images credit: Luke James fb + ThatGrapeJuice + Google

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