Stream Music: Asia


My name Karine Dukuze, currently an exchange student who often wanders through the Dutch Appstore to stumble towards some amazing, and free streaming alternatives from software developers in the Middle, and Far East as a way to discover the unknown.


For Western Asia, my very first pick is the pink Yala Music, a streaming service from Lebanon with my undefined cultural proximity to its neighbour countries such as Egypt, and Syria. Yala’s current competitor is the purple Anghami Music Unlimited from Lebanon. A great feature is that unlike Mandarin applications, both applications are accessible for the English speaking audience. At Yala, it is even possible to upload music tracks to listen offline.


For Southern Asia, I picked the green India’s Saavn LLC with labelled music genres by regional ethnicity groups such as Punjabi or Tamil. Another similar Indian competitor is its blue-themed Hungama Ltd with a huge database of Bollywood soundtracks. For South East Asia, NCT (NhacCuaTui) based in Hanoi, Vietnam is an application written in both tiếng Việt with a steady base of Vietnamese listeners who can exchange tracks that tend to be vpop (Vietnamese Pop), and kpop (Korean Pop).


For East Asia, China definitely stood out as the world largest nation in terms of inhabitants, and a hit of 1,457 applications. Nevertheless, the crème de la crème turned out to be the Beijing-based 豆瓣音乐人 (Douban Artists) (Douban = Water Cherry) from Douban FM with a great collection of China’s indie music, and 美乐时光´ (Music Meile) with a well thought out algorithmic gem based on daily activities). Lastly, 音乐心情 (guangfa jie),  悦动 (YdPod), and the pink 多米音乐 ( were also worth the consideration.


Furthermore, I stumbled on some applications where social networks are integrated into the listening experience such as the blue/orange 微博音乐人 (Music Weibo) from Weibo (China’s Twitter) based in Beijing, and 用音乐倾听彼此 (SongTaste). For South Korea, the green Bell Pang (벨팡), and music:talk were the only applications I stumbled upon.

That’s all folks!

Do you happen to use any of these applications or do you know better music streaming services that SHOULD have been featured? Do you think that these applications are emerging to also embrace nationally produced popular music as a counterbalance to the flood of popular music from the West that is consumed among young Smartphone owners around the world?

Don’t be shy…

Share, share, share!

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