Freaky Friday!

Today’s daily prompt got me thinking about switching bodies with another, and what exactly I would do in such a position. My answer: nothing. I’m thinking if its a person whose personality you don’t really like, and you’d love for them to change, it would be somewhat pointless to work on that inside their body when its you in the body. If that person is inside your body then obviously that change won’t take effect. Does that make sense?

However, if its someone whose reputation you wanted to ruin (not that I’m a malicious person who would ever set out on hurting anyone’s rep) then it’s easy to consider indulging in certain acts you know the person would never partake in, leaving he/she utterly humiliated once their body is reclaimed. That’s the only thing I could think of that would affect his/her life but as far as fixing their character, etc. don’t even bother when its you getting fixed.Β 

Good prompt. Had me in deep thought.

How about you?


Image credit: tvtropes

7 thoughts on “Freaky Friday!

  1. Odd thought…

    It reminds me of an odd movie I saw when I was in my teens, and that always stuck with me. So this is the story line (I know it’s weird): there is a woman who died, but they kept her brain to experiment or something (I don’t remember 100%), anyhow: the brain is kept alive and it can communicate through modern technology or something.
    Then there is a guy who is married to a gorgeous bitch. Somehow he meets the “female brain” and the “brain” falls in love with him. He likes her too, but they obviously can’t start a relationship because a.) she is a brain and has no body and b.) he already has the other woman. The other woman (who you won’t be sorry for) gets into some accident, dies and they transplanted the female brain into her gorgeous body…
    After some recovery the guy gets to meet his new woman… the body of his gorgeous wife had transformed into a “big” woman’s body… apparently it was in the “female brains” nature to overeat… so that’s what she did when she got her body… and it transformed into “her body”. The guy loved her either way though πŸ™‚

    Can you see why your post reminded me of that? It’s like: if you are a smoker and you get a healthy body, if you don’t quit, you will also ruin the lungs of that healthy body.

    Very interesting πŸ™‚

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