Music Review: “Roxie” EP

Release date: May 17th 2013

Label: Roxie Bardo Entertainment

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Roxie Bardo did the intended. She not only made me listen to her music, but her lyrics made me think. The talented singer sails on her fierce EP, and I felt like climbing to the top of a mountain and screaming out, “why aren’t more people listening to her music?” but once I collected myself I concluded on the thought that mainstream has no idea what good music is so hopefully this review will enlighten them (if that statement bothers you, then maybe I have a point). 

Don’t Put Me Down kicks things off with a blazing beat and soulful harmonizing. The song represents to me what Roxie Bardo’s music is all about; an embodiment of poetic and substantial lyrics. I dislike repetitiveness in sucky songs but I was a fan of the melodious hook in this number. The singer is clearly highlighting the message by stressing the line and title of the song. I also liked that I could move along with the groovy music. What else can I say, Don’t Put Me Down is a positive and catchy track. I enjoyed listening to it from start to finish. 

With Alive, you get the sense this is an experimenting artist with a wide range of diversity in her sound. The second track picks up well with another dosage of metrical words and beyond intriguing musical composition. Alive makes me want to break free; I feel a rising flame in my gut the more the song takes off. I can’t say when was the last time I heard such pulling and unnerving songs. This is new. This is definitely new. And I’m loving it deeply. I just can’t seem to find anything wrong with Roxie’s music, and her voice is just hauntingly arousing. I feel like she can only get better from here.

But while I did love the first two tracks, Crossfire is my absolute favorite. Loving the low vocal ranges flowing into a powerful hook. In all the songs so far I’ve heard rudiments of rock and electro pop, mixing together to create an undeniably impressive and authentic sound. The song signifies to me being caught in a situation where issues are coming  down on you from all angles but then you get pulled out of it when you least expect to by someone looking out for your interest. Still, I get the sense toward the end of the song that she’s so used to having all those issues and feeling let down that she ended up hurting the one person trying to take her out of it. The track is inspiring in every essence and will affect in one way or the other because it is relatable. 

The EP wraps with I’m A Stone, a slower paced track still very much embodied of solid and inspiring lyrics. Those opening strings are mellow and inviting. The song is driven in emotion that runs deeper than the previous tracks only because there’s less instruments in the background and leaving a softer sound where Roxie comes out clearer and more intense. 

In conclusion, Roxie is filled with originality and demonstrates the raw talents of a young singer destined for greatness. Her music is on fire. It’s meaningful, it’s memorable, it makes sense. And I feel the need to add that it’s refreshing to hear songs performed by a teenager and an artist in general, that doesn’t depict sexual exploitation and intoxication. My feelings towards this EP is on a really good level. That means it’s going to the top of my current playlist. You go Roxie Bardo, you’re getting 5 stars from me. 

Rating: 5/5


Track Listing:

01. Don’t Put Me Down

02. Alive

03. Crossfire

04. I’m A Stone


This review does not reflect the opinion of EY on a whole. 

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