Roxie Bardo Shines Even In ’10’

I’m officially on the Roxie Bardo promotion bandwagon. After listening to her music, loving it, and raving about it, I just have to learn more about the girl behind such a big voice. Amidst doing shows and getting word out about her EP, Roxie also stopped by EY for an exclusive interview and she took on our traditional ’10 quickies’, which I love when our guests take the time to answer as well. Because its all about keeping it real, and that’s exactly what Roxie did. Check out her genuine answers below:

Be Brave!

Silly, Perfectionist, Dramatic.

I’ve gone veg. I haven’t eaten meat in almost 3 years! I’m so much healthier and have much more energy during the day!

YES! That’s one of the reasons I’m a vegetarian. Also, I use reusable bags, bottles, and always recycle.

My Family, Notebook, Chapstick

Rocker Chic.

Watching a good film!

Seeing others defy the odds and achieve their goals.

I eat a lot of fresh food, but I love asian food!

Other than music and writing, I would say through fashion.

Find out more about Roxie Bardo:

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