Sara Dances By in ’10’

New York City Ballerina Sara Mearns #theeverygirl

NYCB’s Principal ballerina, Sara Mearns, is next to take on our ’10 quickies’, giving us a more personal look at the lady outside of Ballet. Like, did you know she wrote for the Huffington Post? Find out more by checking out her answers below:

Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings. 

Always learning, always searching, always observing. Looking to be inspired on a daily basis. Shy, passionate, and fun loving. A ‘yes’ girl. 

To have a balance in life. To have a personal life outside your artform that gives you space to reboot and decompress. 

I have sadly and embarrassingly not gone as green as I should be. I intend to move to a building that can facilitate that. 

Cheese and crackers, mascara and eyelash curler, my Target pumps, Salonpas® 
heat patches, my Swarovski ring, and my friends. 

Chic rockstar that loves her sparkle. Not girlish and never with flowers. 

Laying on the couch with my puppy, Rocky, and my man with a glass of wine in 
my hand. And a date at the jazz club in The Village. 

The confidence and support from my friends and coaches. 

It has to be between sushi, Italian, and my mom’s cooking. 

Recently, writing my blog for the Huffington Post has been a huge creative 
expression adventure. 

There you have it! Find out more by visiting Sara’s page at NYCB

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Images credit: theeverygirl + NYCB

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