Single Review: ‘Galaxy Supernova’ by Girls Generation


Release date: September 18th 2013

Label: Universal Music Japan

Purchase: CDJapan | Amazon

I haven’t listened to anything Girls Generation since the catchy English attempt, Boys. After that, I’ve been so out of the loop when it comes to SM Entertainment’s finest. Then boom! Galaxy Supernova lands on the front page of Youtube and I’m immediately pulled in. The song is spunky, energetic, addictive, tastefully done, and very much bringing forth that signature pop rudiment the group is known for. It’s not cutey or bubblegum-ish (which is what I used to hate about their songs), but instead, Galaxy Supernova flows magically; that hook is electrifying and hot. I can’t get enough of it. The song will definitely stay on repeat even after release, and I see another hit in the Jpop market for Girls Generation. Don’t you?

In regards to the music video, I like the color scheme and how it gives off a sense as if they’re really inside the room of a space shuttle. The choreography is on point; intricately arranged and very entertaining to watch. Not to mention their choice of outfit is fitting. I like the jeans with the crop tops and space vests, also the futuristic style dresses in other segments. I’m glad each member had a different color so they could each stand out in the video. All in all, it’s simple yet impressive.

To conclude, Galaxy Supernova is a great comeback to the Jpop market. The single itself is vibracious; a bursting ball of energy, and it embodies great appeal. Guarantee to blow up your stereo. Girls Generation to the universe!

Rating: 5/5


Track listing:

01. Galaxy Supernova



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Galaxy Supernova / Girls' Generation (SNSD)

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Credits: CDJapan + SMTOWN

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