Movie Review: ‘Riddick’

I’m a big fan of Vin Diesel,  but even I can admit that his latest movie wasn’t very impressive.  Sure, the action sequences were good enough to keep me interested but once it got into talking I fell into a blah moment and hoped they would speed it along. Of course,  it’s an action film so I wasn’t really expecting mind blowing performances, but I wish it had been a bit more eventful.

Riddick continues from where its predecessor left off, which is right after the fugitive killed the leader of the Necromongers and claimed his title. He pretty much basked in his rewards for a minute but then realized his heart was still searching for something. Thus, Riddick is lead to some bugged out place upon a trickster’s word, then attacked and thought dead. But one thing I’m certain everyone has learned since we first encountered this man in Pitch Black is that he refuses to just die and be done with it. His survival instinct is literally above all else. 

Anyway, fast forward to the present, the majority of the movie showed Riddick recovering from a slight setback, developing a new friend, then embarking on a mission which involved getting off the isolated rock before some nasty trouble reaches him. A fair concept for the film. However, once the supporting actors came on board I was immediately taken back to the same happenings of the first installment. Even Riddick himself made references to the similarities and even predicted the same end result we’re already used to. The only thing that wasn’t predicted was the twist in the end. I honestly believed this person would end up doing the same unpleasant thing as his long dead kin, but he ended surprising not only me but Riddick as well. Good thing he did. Aside from a few humor relief and titty flashes. Not much else going on. The most intensity derives from Riddick’s segments along with the creepy crawlies that I felt deserved more screen time. 

Don’t want to give away any further spoilers than what I might have already given so I’ll just let you decide on your own whether you’d like to see the film or not. All I’m saying is, it could have been a better experience had the story kept up the excitement from beginning to end. 

Have you seen Riddick? What do you think about the movie?

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