Album Review: ‘What Will All The Neighbors Think?’ by Jasmine Kyle

Jasmine Kyle is an independent artist living in Wisconsin. I came across this inspiring lady via her personal blog on which she highlights her journey to the release of her debut album, What Will All The Neighbors Think, and boy is it an interesting journey. While I’m not about to mention all the good reasons why you should check out her blog but if you dare I implore you to also get her new release. One word: spectacular. I listened from start to finish and absolutely could not get enough. Continue below for a full review on why What Will All The Neighbors Think is a must buy. No bias whatsoever.


Wow, Magic was definitely magical. The opening keys had me tuned in without any distractions, like, a substantial story was being unfolded and I couldn’t afford to miss a single thing. I felt as if I was encompassed by every melody, every harmony. Her voice was just greatly haunting, pumping through me the more she took off. This track is a superb composition. What I got from Magic is an introduction to the very concept of the album; the direction in which the singer is going with her music. Words are thought-provoking, and the musical arrangement is subtle yet intricately organized in a way to allow Jasmine’s voice to fully soar and pull you in. And once she’s got your heart you can only stay for the rest because Forgiveness continued that invoking spell you simply cannot escape. Depicting a line we’ve often heard, the second track plays on how we actually never truly forget or heal even after forgiving someone. That hurt still sometimes creep up on us and the memory casts a shadow that’s often hard to remove. This was a short yet memorable track, and as emotional and remarkably dramatic in all its elements like the opener. 

If I got the chills listening to the previous songs, this is where I shiver severely. The title song, What Will All The Neighbors Think? is powerful. That’s an understatement because there are no words to possibly convey the magnitude of its greatness. But allow me to try. Well, obviously there’s a situation here and it all depends on how you interpret the song. The lyrics are without a doubt intriguing and makes you consider all the possibilities of what exactly is happening with the family in question. But like I said, it all depends on how you take the song and the impression the words leave on you. But sure enough, we’re all sometimes concerned with what society, in particularly, what our neighbors think about our presumably embarrassing situation and neglect taking care of the actual problem inside our home. This is a wonderful representation of that fact and I love the realistic aspect of the song.

Dear Jane captivated me with curiosity from the opening preparations to getting into the actual song. I plunged into a burning track with the singer pouring her feelings out in the form of a letter about this one moment of attraction. The emotion in her voice is raw; An experience that obviously impacted her greatly. I enjoyed the song so much I ended up with a feeling of wanting more. I’d like to uncover all else that happened on that “lively night” and that’s a brilliant thing. You’re supposed to consume just what Jasmine has written and fill in the blank spots yourself. That to me, is the purpose of any song with such emotional rudiments.

Honey flowed by swiftly but I loved its poetic structure. You know you’re talented when you can write a lovely song about nature. Jasmine most certainly did a good job because Honey left a sweet taste in my mouth and joy in my heart.

The album takes on a more serious and empowering tone with I Bite. A track that delineate’s the strength of a woman who refuses to stay oppressed and abused. It’s another powerful number you can’t turn away from. I Bite focuses on a touchy subject in today’s society that is still a very significant one that cannot be swept under the rug. Domestic violence continues to be a cycle and many are affected by it daily. This song is somewhat of an encouragement to those in that situation telling them to fight back. Don’t be a victim. Seek help. Often times it hurts not only you but your children as well. Stop the cycle. 

Two wrongs don’t make a right but no one said you can’t enjoy watching someone who hurt you crumble all on their own. Well, in this number, Jasmine still wants to play her part on the path to vengeance because she simply cannot just let it go. Revenge is the song that drew me in. It’s the first track I listened courtesy of Jasmine, and I decided right then I’d do a review based on the impact of this one song alone. I loved the theatrics of the pouring rain and heart-wrenching thunder-It adds to the intensity of the track and the message the artist is bringing forth. In a way, Revenge picks up from the second track and somewhat from the previous I Bite. In regards to the issue of getting hurt by someone. 

Cold Comfort is an inadequate form of sympathy, meaning there’s hardly any at all that is considered real. In this case,  the singer’s referring to the person spitting hurtful words at her. But the thing is she has accepted all the pain so nothing else can be said to hurt her that much. This is such a sad song to me. There is so much torment expressed in such a quick time yet I felt it strongly. Her words go deeper than I’d imagined.

Monster Maker is another favorite of mine, as well as another track I found to be rather poetical and subliminal. The vibe I get from this song while listening to it is pure exhilaration, though I’m not supposed to be. I know. I was just so overtaken by the fierceness in her vocals that I nearly, just nearly missed the message being delivered. 

The album closes with Be a Good Girl, a track depicting the repercussion of a hurtful period in her life. Just like its opener, the final song takes us on an electrifying ride of filled with emotion. The lyrics really got a hold of me and made me feel like sticking my hands in the song and giving Jasmine a hug. It’s truly sad when you’re on the outside looking in or rather listening to words that paint a not so nice picture of what someone went through. But still, there is hope at the end because you get a sense she’s trying hard to recover and consume herself with nothing but happiness now. 

Throughout the album Jasmine sings in a breathy, emotional and intense tone that compliments the poignant keys of the piano beneath her fingers. No matter how much I love them I don’t think I’ll ever fully grasp Jasmine’s inner meaning behind each song because we all take something different away when we listen to music, but I do know that What Will All The Neighbors Think? is an exceptional production with authentic music I can’t get enough of. 

Closing quote, “Like Sarah McLachlan and Fisher joining together to give birth to perfection.”

Rating: 5/5


Release date: September 17th 2013

Purchase: CDBaby 

Track listing:

01. Magic

02. Forgiveness

03. What Will All The Neighbors Think?

04. Dear Jane

05. Honey

06. I Bite

07. Revenge

08. Cold Comfort

09. Monster Maker

10. Be A Good Girl


This review is based only on the writer’s opinion and does not reflect the views of EY on a whole.

Find out more about Jasmine Kyle by visiting the following links, and be sure to purchase What Will All The Neighbors Think? here!

Credits: + JasmineKyleYouTube

19 thoughts on “Album Review: ‘What Will All The Neighbors Think?’ by Jasmine Kyle

  1. Jasmine is a real discovery! I have never thought I would meet someone like her on WordPress. I am loving the voice, the piano playing, the lyrics. She has melody and substance!!! I am honoured and privilleged to have a track from her album that she generously sent me. I wish you many more great songs, Jasmine. I know you have them in you. Love, Paula

  2. Jasmine, sorry I have not responded sooner to your glorious new CD. I love your voice and lyrics. I’m so happy for you! Are you the piano player too? Amazing piano playing. Congratulations! xoxo

  3. This is an amazing woman and I have read her blog for quite awhile and am so impressed with her as a human being, let alone a talented singer and musician! I am so happy for her, along with proud and excited that you discovered and featured her! Thank you so much!

  4. Jasmine is someone I think will be going on a long journey with her music… me, mainly a hard rock lover, just find her voice so haunting I can’t stop listening… it’s as though she surrounds you with that piano music and then the voice is so soothing, haunting and so mesmerising to listen to… When I first heard Magic, I wondered if she had managed to hypnotise me… absolutely magical… I love this womans voice, music and enthusiasm… and personally I think she is going to go far… move over Celine here comes a bit of competition…

    1. AWH I love it!!! Your so generous and the well wishes they warm my hart! Thank you SO much for supporting me! My WP family is full of some of the most talented and driven people I know!

  5. I never EVER thought I would EVER receive or connect with my audience and you at this level. You have given me SUCH joy with this thank you SO SO MUCH!

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