from the tales of an unrested laptop.

I know I’m very reliable, convenient, provide you with undeniable entertainment when you’re bored and other wonderful benefits. But could you please give me a rest sometime? You’re seriously riding me day in day out. My monitor hardly gets closed, and my poor system hardly gets shutdown. I’m only looking out for your best interest when I say this. Its not entirely a rant, but giving me a break means you’ll get more time to actually go out and smell the roses so to speak. You’ve basically allowed summer to go by without fully taking advantage of the warm weather. Where you should have been idling, sunbathing at the beach, you spent the time putting me to work even more. I fear this plea comes far too late as you’re now going into the cold season, and will possibly spend even more days and nights finding joy at my expense. But, how about splitting that between your phone, television, and something or someone else? I’m really in need of a day or two away from you.Β 


Today’s daily prompt about writing from the point of view of an object or animal really had me thinking about my poor laptop. I’m addicted to the machine to a point where if I’m doing anything else I get bored and start to feel anxious about being away from it too long. I have a smart phone, but I don’t care for it the way I like having my laptop. It’s sad that I spend soooo much time and energy on it but hey, I’ve always been into computers so what can I do πŸ™‚

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