Mini Album Review: ‘Who Are You?’ by Kahi


I’m actually a devoted fan to the lovely and talented entertainer, constantly finding out what she’s up to via her twitter page. When I saw that Kahi was travelling quite a bit I figured more or less she was seeking inspiration—amidst relaxation—for her upcoming music.  More recently, she took a trip to Barcelona, Spain, which apparently hadn’t only been the setting for her latest music video, but you can definitely feel that international flare in her sound. Kahi returns with her long-awaited second EP, appropriately titled, Who Are You? From hip hop to pop, and funk to rock, the EP is truly a tasteful mix fans will find refreshing. Along with solid guest appearances—BEKAH being one—there’s quite a bit packaged into the six track mini album.

Boys and Girls kicks things off with a funky rhythm, not to mention the addition of some modern pop elements. While I admire the energy of the song, it’ll take a few more plays for me to truly warm up to the opener. The hook would’ve been exceptional had there not been a confusion of the English words used, but the rap was a smooth compliment. Swings picked things up quite a bit toward the end. Boys and Girls is likable for clubs, due to its upbeat tempo, but I’m not exactly in love with it.

I love the title track, It’s Me. It’s not something I’ve heard before from the singer and I find the song to be quite catchy if not addicting. I love the music production. Love the harmonies. Love the low tone way in which her vocals are arranged. It’s a really nice song and I see how it’ll attract mainstream, especially with that hypnotic re-modification of a dub-step breakdown during the rap. Dumbfounded killed it by the way.  Also, the fact that the single was composed by the recently passed Rottyful Sky who’s listed in the credits as Alice Sky. I’m not familiar with the former’s sound but this song is awesome and I feel her talents through its production.

As much as I love the rockified, breathy and sensual appeal of Hey Boy, it does give off a clear resemblance to Beyonce’s Naught Girl, even the sexy moans. That aside, it’s a cool track to vibe out to. Love Kahi’s rap in this one because she’s not trying to hard to sound badass it comes naturally. The flow is just right. Dok2 keeps the intensity throughout the hook in his usual swaggerific way. What else can I say? Hey Boy sets your stereo on fire. Believe that!


Fans of After School will appreciate this. Bekah has graced the EP with her humbly sweet presence. I’ve always loved Bekah’s style. Her way of making any song sound good with her bubbly rap lyrics and effortless appeal. So believe I was impressed by her appearance on Sinister, though the rap was too short for me. Written by the skillful Jessie J, Sinister blazes in fierceness, declaring they don’t want anything bad in their lives. I enjoy the electro pop rudiments and that pounding energy that is felt belly deep. The vocals are strong and commanding and greatly organized. You can’t help but listen over and over.

It’s sad that I left one song feeling like my skin is on fire, then head into another that I also need to warm up to after a few more plays. There’s also a combination of funk, electro pop and soul embedded in the sound and it is a very good song. But Colorful World hasn’t grabbed me in the way the previous or the lead single has. It might, though, overtime. Because I can’t deny the groovy beat and repetitive bridge don’t attract my ears.

I’m completely in love with the only ballad on the EP. Slow is so beautifully composed, blending heartening piano melodies along with a far from vulgar backing band. The guitar breakdown was just breathtaking—it emphasized the beauty of the song even more. I also liked how her voice faded in segments toward the end. Kahi takes it out by going back to the more mellow start, allowing the music to settle in the background, and focusing only on her emotional tone.  That is the most passionate ending to any EP or album I’ve ever heard. No matter if it’s a sad song. Well done, Kahi.

Let me first say there’s improvement. In her voice and the way in which she’s evolved as an artist. Kahi never fails to impress with her creative and fresh delivery. Who Are You? is a really good production featuring really good songs. While I might not have fallen deeply in love at first listen to one or two, this EP is nevertheless going to the top of my playlist because there’s definitely something for every occasion. This is a wonderful comeback after such a long wait, still, it’s a pleasant reminder to always look for more and better from the artist. 

Rating: 4.5/5


Track listing:

01. Boys and Girls ft. Swings

02. It’s Me ft. Dumbfounded

03. Hey Boy ft. Dok2

04. Sinister ft. Bekah

05. Colorful World ft. Yoon Do Hyun of YB

06. Slow


Release date: October 10th 2013

Label: Pledis

Purchase: Kpoptown | Yesasia

*If you purchase from any of these websites it will the kpop charts.

Images Credit: Google

This review does not reflect the opinion of EY as a whole, only that of the writer. 

What do you think of Who Are You? EP? 

2 thoughts on “Mini Album Review: ‘Who Are You?’ by Kahi

  1. Nice review, Kai, even if I haven’t followed After School as devotedly as I did f(x). Is ‘Sinister’ fully in English, or did Jessie J just compose the music?

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