Fashion Guest Post: Feminine Bliss

French blogger Gaby of Feminine Bliss‘s stylish persona really called out me the moment I came across her profile on chictopia. Her fashion sense is similar to mine, so I just had to reach out to her for a guest post on EY. From Bohemian Chic, to sassy, red Autumn, check out Gaby’s top 5 looks for fall below:


Bohemian - Chic

Bohemian - Chic

“I already knew what I wanted to become. My mother spent her life sewing clothes for others, why not venture in the same field?” – from



In The Park

In The Park

In The Park

“When you go too far it’s difficult to return to the starting point. So, it took me several years to refocus on my priorities. I call this period “still looking”. It did allow me to learn. Learn again and again…” – from

Red Autumn

Red Autumn

Find lots more by visiting Gaby’s fashion blog,

Credits: FeminineBliss + Gaby + Lashenda Pierre

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4 Comments on Fashion Guest Post: Feminine Bliss

  1. Thank you for the super article.

    Read you soon on


  2. I Am Jasmine Kyle // October 15, 2013 at 7:22 am // Reply

    She’s Gorgeous!

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