Dara Maclean in ’10’

Dara Maclean is not only an amazing performer, she’s a lovely person. Check out her awesome responses below to our traditional ’10 quick’ questions. You might discover you have something in common with Dara.

Never, ever, ever give up. -Winston Churchill 


Goofy, loving, intense – an Italian, ha.


Not eating a cupcake every day, trying once a week. Juicing, working out and being healthy minded.


I believe in taking care of what you’ve been given.


Husband, family, friends. 


Organic, elegant. Jcrew meets Boho


Candles on, with the people I love, music playing, great dinner and repeat. 


The fact that I know how much I’m loved and that I’ve been forgiven a debt I couldn’t repay. This compels me to pour out love on people.


Italian/Mexican and for fun a good steak 🙂


A thousand different ways I would say, because life in and of itself is creative and creating. However, I love to write.


Find out more about this awesome and talented singer by visiting the following links:







Purchase ‘Wanted’ on itunes


Images: Dara’s facebook

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