[Exclusive] Samantha J is Re-inventing Dancehall Pop

Who is Samantha J? Well, not only is the teen entertainer a Jamaican born, shaking up international waters, she’s in my opinion re-inventing dancehall pop and bringing a fresh sound to the music scene. Samantha is one among the many talented youths of her nation giving us change, a non-traditional and fun-loving approach to a genre once described as raunchy and hardcore. In my opinion, she’s a sultry sensation holding her own and sailing high. Check out the music video for her hot single, Tight Skirt, and continue below for our exclusive interview with Samantha J.

Tell us a little about yourself. What part of Jamaica are you from and when did you realize you wanted to be an entertainer?

I am a 17 year old Dancehall Pop singer-songwriter born in Kingston, Jamaica. I’ve always wanted to pursue music as a career, but it was a confirmation that I wanted to become an entertainer after I did my first performance.

Who are some of your biggest influences, local and international?

My inspirations include artists such as Justin Bieber, Alaine, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, TIFA and Tami Chin. I have been a fan of Justin Bieber from the days when he would post his YouTube cover videos and I have watched his rise to fame and been inspired by his thought of to “never say never.”  Rihanna is an artist that I have been listening to from her first hit single, pon de replay, and Alaine is a very talented Jamaican singer-songwriter who is one of my biggest idols. I have been honored to be able to collaborate with her in writing songs (including Tight Skirt).

Describe your sound and what sets it apart from the rest.

I guess I am a fusion of all my influences …Pop, Dancehall, Reggae …I love all of it and Tight Skirt was so fun to work on because it gave me an opportunity to mash them altogether!

Being that most already knew you from modeling, do you think that sways critics away from taking you seriously as an artist? Do you have to prove yourself even more?

Haha…maybe it is different here but I have not experienced that. Everyone has been really supportive. 

Your new single, Tight Skirt, is creating waves and reaching music lovers all over. Were you expecting such a response?

It was definitely in my hopes for Tight Skirt to reach music lovers all over and the single has moved way faster than expected. For this I am so appreciative and proud to know that I have made such an achievement in such a short time.

What inspired the song?

Tight skirt was inspired by Red Rat’s 90’s hit tight up skirt. Tight skirt is a reply to red rats single that I wrote with Alaine.  We wanted it to be an anthem for young women that empowers them to be confident and comfortable with being themselves.  And to know ‘yeah I look good’ and to feel great about it. 

There’s obviously dancehall in the midst but you can definitely pick up on some pop elements as well. Is this the direction you’ll be taking your music onward?

Tight Skirt definitely has elements of Dancehall with a Pop mix.  The rest of my music will not only be of a dancehall-pop genre but I also love to do some less up tempo stuff and I am very into exploring other genres in my songwriting.

Are you planning on dropping a debut album soon? Is production underway, or are you focusing on promoting the new single for now to get your sound embedded in the minds of music lovers?

While working on promoting Tight Skirt, I am actually also working on couple more singles and my first album which will include a collection of songs that I am having a lot of fun recording. There are a lot of different elements and genres that we are playing with in the studio.

Music is always involving. What do you think lies in the future of reggae and dancehall?

I think it would be great for reggae and dancehall to take on a bigger prominence outside of Jamaica and I am really hoping my album can help be a part of that! I would love to be a part of bringing the sounds of Jamaica to a bigger audience. We have so many talented musicians and artists in Jamaica…there is nothing like the sounds of Jamaica!

What’s next for Samantha?

I have performances coming up and you can also keep on the look out for a couple new singles, an album and more music videos.

Thank you for taking the time. Please leave a message to your fans and any tips to aspiring artists wanting to inspire with their music like you do.

I just want to let my J’s know that I appreciate all the love and support, and to the aspiring artists, just work hard for what you want and don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams, because your dreams can come true!

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