Samantha J Takes ’10’

Samantha J has been turning heads and crossing borders with her hit Dancehall Pop single, Tight Skirt. The entertainer is next to take on our traditional 10 quick questions. sharing with us a more personal side of the teen sensation straight out of Jamaica.

I always say “work hard for what you want!”


Hmm…I guess my friends might say I am a little crazy, fun and I like to keep things exciting!


 Love healthy food! I actually don’t practice eating fast food or fried foods ,if I go to places like Burger
King or Wendy’s you can easily guess that I bought one of their salads.

I like to contribute to going green. I am actually a board member (entertainment coordinator) of my school key club which is a service club, that not only helps the needy, but emphasizes on going green by doing things like: beach clean ups and so on.

I can’t do without my favorite necklace, access to music and food!

My style is like my music. I guess that includes a mix of things and always has a bit of Jamaica in it.  I love vibrant colors too!

To unwind from a long week, I like to chat with my friends who always tend to perk me up.

I am empowered by art . Mostly music, which is my reason for taking music a step further in my life.

I love fruits! My favorite is a fruit salad, which has fruits of all types.

Other than through music, I like to express myself and creativity through all types of art. I enjoy drawing, painting and being both in front of and behind the camera. 


Find more about this laid-back chica from the following links:


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