Winter fashion accessories for women

With winter almost knocking on the door, it’s time for you to revamp your wardrobe, and find your new style statement for the season to come! But for those of you who think winter means compromising on style and replacing light, sexy and flowing dresses with long, layered, and gloomy clothes, it’s time to open your eyes to the fact winter can be just as fashionable as any other season of the year. The dropping temperatures outside do not necessarily mean that you have to let your fashion quotient fall, as you can still bring out the hotness in you with the right fashion guide! Believe us when we say that layering and covering up, done with taste and subtlety, can make you look sexy and attractive! To help you achieve your fashion dream, we bring to you our collection of the five fabulous winter accessories, using which, you can look absolutely hot and sizzling, even in the chilling temperatures of the snowy season. Experiment with these winter friendly styles, and bring out the fashionista in you, turning heads everywhere you go!

Choose a pair of hot boots:

Remember those long, sexy, leather boots that you have always admired on the celebrity stars, and secretly wished to wear? Your chance for showing off a pair yourself is here. Winter is the perfect season for boots, and combined with the right pair of leggings or jeans can make you look your absolutely best. Apart from protecting you from the coldness, they can also accentuate those lovely toned legs of yours, helping you look as sexy and fashionable as always. To look a touch more fashionable, try to settle for boots in bright colours like red, purple, emerald green, etc. Boots don’t have to be brown, and can be used to add colour to even your winter wardrobe and draw attention to your style.

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Get yourself some nice colourful scarves

The best thing about scarves is that they come cheap and can be used in a variety of fashionable ways. From using them as a headband to just wrapping them around your neck for warmth and comfort, you can do absolutely anything with your scarf. One of the greatest things about winter is the ability to accessorise to your heart’s content. In case you already have some scarves you bought in summer, feel free to use them in winter too, mixing and matching them with your outfits to pop some colour and make a new statement!

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Take out all your hats

Winter is absolutely incomplete without hats, and we cannot forget to mention it in our list of 5 winter must-haves. No matter what the size, shape, colour, or material, hats can provide comfort, keep you warm and make you look fashionable at the same time! For winter, we advise you to go for colourful hats that can be matched with scarves, boots and other accessories to create a well-coordinated and balanced look.

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Buy yourself a nice and spacious messenger bag

While handbags are perfect accompaniments for those pretty dresses you wear in summer, messenger bags are the best accessories for winter. Apart from complimenting your smart and quirky winter look, messenger bags also allow you enough space to carry all your essentials like cell phones, keys, winter lotions and balms. In fact, they are big enough to shove your scarf or jacket in, just in case you feel warm or overdressed. Being very popular this winter, there’s a wide variety of messenger bags for women, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

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Try wearing some attractive gold jewellery

Although there isn’t really any particular season for jewellery, winter might be a great season to flaunt your gold. The warm mustard tone of gold looks especially striking when coupled with the darker shades of winter, and are a classic way to look fashionable. All that beautiful and heavy gold jewellery passed down to you from your mums and aunts can be put to great use in winter, and can help you look even more radiant and colourful. But that doesn’t mean you should put away the silver and metal jewellery, because, fashionable worn, even they can help you make heads turn!


If you follow the simple tips offered in this guide, you’ll have no problem looking fabulous throughout the Christmas season!


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