Match your makeup to your eye color

Makeup is one of women’s most useful and important weapons, whether you’re aiming at feeling more confident or just having a go at changing your look and bring out the best of your features. Although makeup is meant for you to have fun with, having no fixed rules, there are certain tricks that can help with bringing forward the features you like the most in yourself.

If what you’re looking to emphasize is your eye color, there are ways to make it pop through makeup, whether you’re blessed with blue, green, hazel or brown eyes.

Image 2 blue eyes

Blue eyed beauty

You may be relieved to know that the best way to make your eye color pop is not to match it with eye shadow, but instead to use opposite colors, especially if you have blue eyes, since almost no one is looking forward to the icy blue shadows of the 80s. There are a lot of neutral colors that look beautiful with blue eyes, like taupe and warmer browns. If you’re feeling bolder or more festive though purples and silvers are the perfect colors to set blue eyes off. And for a dramatic look, opt for a dark blue or grey smokey eye, complete with neutral lips, and even colored mascara.

Green with envy

Green is a drop dead gorgeous color to have on the eyes. While it is fairly versatile, there are some colors you need to avoid. Icy blues and silvers are a no-go, while the warmer browns and shimmery neutrals are a must. Purples and pinks are quite flattering with green eyes, but you’ll want to keep any green you choose to use to a minimum. Also, try avoiding harsh colors like black, using rich browns, golds or darker purples to create a subtler definition around your beautiful green eyes, and you’ll leave anyone else seething with envy!

Unique hazel eyes

Hazel is one of the most special and unique eye colors, and since it’s blessed with a multicolored spectrum, it can also carry a rainbow of beautiful shades. Just not at once, mind you. While purple is the best shade to set hazel (and most eye colors) off, the dreaded icy blue is the number one shade to avoid. Aside from that, any color combination is possible, but if you really want maximum impact, try studying the components of your eye color, and plan your makeup choices according to your most prominent shade, working for instance with warmer brown hues to make your eyes look greener.

Brown but not ordinary

While some people might think brown eyes are plain or dull, brown eyed beauties are actually the lucky ones in the makeup world. Brown eyes can carry basically any color, so there’s a lot of room to play up your eyes and change your look. For a daily look, you can opt for peach, bronze, champagne, and beautiful neutral colors. If you feel in the mood for a bright look, you can go for greens, purples, pinks, and even that dreaded icy blue. And for a dramatic look, try a smokey eye with color accents of plum and gold to really make your eyes stand out.

To each, their own. All eyes colors have a perfect combination to make them pop, and now you know how to work with the beautiful color you’ve been blessed with to make the most of your makeup look. And if you want to amp up your look, eyelash extensions are the best way to make your eyes pop instantly, no matter what color they are.



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