Guest Post: Menswear


[Editors Note: This post is courtesy of Anup who wanted to guest post on menswear, being that we don’t show enough love for the menzes. Enjoy. Happy New Year!]

Gone are the days when the word fashion was applicable only to women. Dressing like a professional helps you in opening the endless world of opportunities. With the world changing fast and men genuinely interested in fashion, there isn’t be a better time to build a wardrobe with all the essentials and get the look of the sophisticated gentleman. For the year 2014, below are the must have 5 casual clothing essentials in men’s wardrobe.

GinghamGinghams: Gingham shirt is one dress shirt that every man should stock up in their wardrobe. Ginghams are the most versatile designs on the shirts that keep you cool in terms of the style quotient and temperature. They are the most stylish dress shirts that go absolutely great as a layer under the sweater or the jackets during the winters. The checkered patterns on the gingham shirt make it so versatile that it lends itself nicely for either a formal wear or a casual look. One of the most picked shades in Gingham is the blue as it can easily be paired with chinos.


Khakis: Apparel that made a successful transition from being a military wear to a civilian wear is the khakis. This season make a fashionable choice and freshen things up in your wardrobe with the khakis. Buy well tailored khakis to complement the other clothes and accessories that are available in your fashion shelf. The best thing about the khakis is it gives you a tough look that you always wanted.


Jackets: When buying a jacket, the first thing to keep in mind is to pick one which closely matches with the other clothes that you already have in your wardrobe. This allows you to wear the jackets regularly. If majority of the shades in the wardrobe are bright, then it’s best to buy a black one and if the clothes are in the shades of beige or tan, opt for a brown jacket.   


Boots: A man’s boots says a lot about his personality. The boots is definitely a rugged staple for the adventurous men. Boots come in different designs suited for specific functionality. Unlike the other shoes, the boot leather does not expand. In other words, it fits you well or it doesn’t. It’s best to try and get a feel of the boots before you make the purchase. 


Jeans: Jeans are the most versatile and are the most popular casual clothing article around the world. The jeans can easily be worn to dress up or dress down for the occasion. Pair it with the white dress shirts, boots and shoes; they can easily be teamed with literally everything. A fashion trend by many celebrities is that they pair the jeans with a blue shirt on  the dress shirts and wearing a jacket to give a look that is casual yet classy.


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