Dare to have a Unique Wedding

Every bride would like her wedding to stand out from the rest. This is why most weddings today are integrated with a variety of designs that reflect the style and personalities of the couple. While some couples find it easy to come up with various ideas, others may find it difficult and resort to the traditional white weddings. This article compiles a list of creative and interesting ideas for a unique wedding every engaged couple should check out:

Creative Wedding Décor Ideas

The Food Pyramid:

Buy some fruits and vegetables that reflect your chosen color scheme and fill them in cylindrical glass vases. The use of lemons, oranges and lime has become mundane, so try a more unique and contemporary look with coconuts and mangoes, or match it with the season with textured and earthy vegetables such as acorn squash, husked corn or artichokes.

Image source: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/

Image source: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/

Wedding Color Scheme:

Consider combining three or four uncommon colors or incorporating varying shades of one color all through your space.





Go Natural:

Mother Nature can never go wrong. So how about bringing the outdoors in? Natural objects like leaves, twigs, stones and pinecones and bring an organic aesthetic to the reception décor and add the ambiance to the venue.


Lighten Up:

To add elegance and lighting to your tabletops, float some candles in shallow bowls or arrange the candles on a mosaic of tiles or mirrors and surround them with flower petals or seashells. Additionally, you may place red hot candies or coffee beans at the bottom of a bowl or vase to hold the candles steadily and bring out an aromatic effect.



Embrace your inner child:

For those who are forever young at heart, you may fill a few decorative bowls with your much loved candies such as jellybeans.


Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding Ceremony Location:

If your ceremony is not hosted in a religious institution or in the same place as your reception, you can identify a function venue that you can decorate in an interesting way, for example a theme wedding. You may also exchange your vows at sunset on the beach or from the summit of the highest mountain or hill in your vicinity.




The refreshments served during the ceremony ought to be guided by the season and your location. For instance, if the wedding is being held under hot and sunny climate, sweat tea and lemonade would be ideal. Similarly, serve apple hot cider during the colder months to keep your guests warm.


Vows and Readings:

Speak from your heart by writing down your own wedding vows. You may also incorporate popular wedding readings, personalized poems or humorous wedding readings to grab the attention of those in attendance.

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Ceremony Music (Walking down the aisle)

If “Here Comes the Bride” does not work for you, then do not be afraid to choose a song that suits your personality or style. A rendition of a song from your favorite band may be just what you are looking for.

Non-traditional Instruments

For those who prefer live music over deejays, then it would be best if you tie your music selection to the location or theme of your event. For example, an event at the beachside would naturally go hand in hand with the sound of steel drums or traditional dancers.

Finally, you may also consider having both a band and a deejay so that all genres of music are represented during the event and all guests can listen to something they enjoy. Also, hire a professional photographer to follow you throughout the whole day and capture all the candid moments that you would want to remember for the rest of your life.

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