Fun Ideas for a Hen Night

Ah, the tradition of the hen night! It’s something that can bond a group of friends forever and give a bride one last “hurrah” before she settles down. If you are throwing this type of party and want to make it truly memorably and special, then it needs to be fun! Even if you’re not the creative type, you can still pull this off without a hitch. Just check out the ideas below and soon you’ll be ready to throw an amazing party that everyone will remember for years to come (depending on the amount of alcohol involved).

1. Beach House Weekend

What better way to relax before getting married than by enjoying a beach house for the weekend with your friends? Keep in mind if winter weather is involved you could always do a ski cabin as well. Just choose something that is driveable distance, but different from something you normally do. By being away from home everyone will get a break from their normal lives so it will feel like a mini-vacation. All your girlfriends will be able to snack, tell stories and party at the house so everyone can bond and enjoy time together!

Tip: Bring decorations with you so you can make the place feel like it’s fit for a party! Party decorations for hen nights are easy to find (look for some ideas here). Get props, fun costumes and don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the memories.


Image source:


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2. Scavenger Hunt

This is one great idea for brides of all types because it’s fun for everyone involved! Gather the girls attending the hen night and break them into groups. Then give them a scavenger hunt paper to check off throughout the night. The hunt needs to coordinate with where you plan on spending the evening, so plan ahead. For example, if you’re not going bar hopping then choose a large garden or home where you can hide things, such as spa certificates or clues. If you are going bar hopping, then make your clues fun, like “find a man who has been married 20 years and buy him a shot”. The team to complete the scavenger hunt first will get a prize!

Example of scavenger hunt:

Image source:

Tip: Keeping everyone together can be difficult, especially if you’re going out drinking. Custom temporary tattoos can be made with a phone number on them, and can be put on the arm of each girl.

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3. Dress Up!

Whether you’re having a house party or are going out bar hopping, make the occasion more special by adding in costumes! Burlesque costumes (such as these) are some of the most popular, because they are sexy and very cute. Not only will it be easier to find everyone when you’re dressed up like this, it will make pictures a whole lot more fun to take. Let the bride have a say in the costumes that you choose, and get everyone involved so each person is included.

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Tip: Wear wigs, do your makeup and go the whole nine yards. Oh, and don’t forget to have the bride wear a shot glass necklace that will encourage bar patrons to buy her a drink!

2 thoughts on “Fun Ideas for a Hen Night

  1. Dress up is a given! It can be really fun to create a theme and get dressed up for it. And actually, the dressing up can form part of the fun of the night, with all of the girls getting ready together while listening to music. – Craig Wiese

  2. Some fun ideas here. I think the biggest challenge would be getting a gay guy to buy you a drink! Love the temporary tattoos idea to keep the girls together as well…

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