Wearing Underwear As Outerwear Trend

Fashion does take these strange turns, with garments turning inside out, playful variations on existing garments, and much more. One of these hot and bold trends in women’s fashion is to dare and bare what’s beneath. We are not talking about skin show here, as that’s been quite done to death already. A notch up from simply skin, this is the well established celeb trend, of wearing underwear as outerwear.

The evolution of lingerie gives an idea of how the inner-outer play came about. In earlier times, lingerie meant just basic garments you wore below your regular clothes. But, as the attention shifted from looking good outside to feeling great inside, lingerie came into focus. Sexy and sensual inner wear, molded to different body types, and featuring a variety of cuts and designs, began ruling fashion.

With beautifully crafted brassieres, bustiers and camisoles slowly finding their way to shelves, it was just a matter of time before women began experimenting with them as outerwear. This is what celebrities have been doing for years. It may have been the uber sensual Liz Taylor who wore a white slip in a film decades back, but today many young fashion icons have taken up this trend. You can spot Lady Gaga, often in thongs, in her sensational music videos and live shows. Then there was Thandie Newton’s infamous thong show, back in 2004, that got fashion pundits clucking with disapproval.

This brings us to the delicate question, what makes wearing underwear as outerwear fashionable? If you are planning to dare it, how do you look chic and hot without overdoing it? It all depends on your attitude, body type, what risks you are willing to take and much more. For example, the brilliant fashion designer Vivienne Westwood got corsets back into fashion. The traditional turned trendy, in Westwood’s nifty and unique style. From uncomfortably tight cotton garments that used be worn below layers and layers of clothing in the laid-back eras, today corsets are a glamorous garment that you can flaunt confidently.

Black corsets look super hot when teamed with matched black body-hugging trousers. Another stylish way to wear corsets is to pair them with long linen skirts. This works well if you are wearing a pastel shaded corset in a pretty material. A little different from corsets, bustiers also work well as outerwear. While corsets hold your waist in, bustiers are exactly what their name says, they show off your bust. Fitted with push-up cups, bustiers are just right for a naughty and flirty mood. For an ultra girly look with a hint of mischief and bling, try metallic finish bustiers with short tight skirts.

If your underwear is in a nice material that feels luxurious, you can layer it and wear it, for a fashionable summer look. Satin camisoles in pastel shades pair nicely with dark slim-fit blazers. Peek shows are passe, when you can display your fashionable lingerie to the world. When inner becomes outer, the world of fashion turns upside down. Get experimental, step into the world of quirky topsy-turvy fashion.


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