Movie Review: “300 Rise of an Empire”

Bring on the gore! 

I finally got the chance to see 300: Rise of an Empire and I must admit, even though it doesn’t give me the same rush as the first one, the sequel is just as thrilling and I enjoyed it. With most of the battle taking place on the sea, the story gives us an outlook on how the despicable Persian king Xerxes came to be, along with all the goings during and after the demise of Leonidas, king of Sparta. Themistocles, leader of the Athenians is on a mission to unite all of Greece’s forces to take down the Persians. Sadly, it took the death of Leonidas to enforce that unison, which came more towards the end of the movie, but gives fans an hint of another installment to look forward to.

There were some interesting characters in the sequel, including the vicious badass, Artemisia, played by actress Eva Green. She has strong warrior instincts and is capable of taking on any challenge as well and even better than the men. I’ve never seen a more wicked antagonist in any action movie and it’s kind of refreshing that its a woman. No matter how evil the character. 

Others that stood out are of course the leader, Themistocles, played by Sullivan Stapleton, the young fighter, Aesyklos, played by Hans Matheson, and the enduring Queen Gorgo, played by the beautiful Lena Headey. While her character wasn’t present throughout the entire movie, her scenes, like in the firm feature, was quite intriguing. I admire her position as a queen, enforcing the beliefs of her fearless husband, and as a woman and mother who loves her people, and her nation. Queen Gorgo is also badass when it comes down to fighting, and she can swing a sword just like her husband. Would have love to see her in a fight with Artemisia.

Overall, the movie had some good elements: gruesome fight scenes often slowed down to create bigger effects, not exactly oscar material but the acting is good and believable, there is more of a victory for the good people of Greece in this one, and then there’s the aggressive sex scene between Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton’s characters. Many might find the segments between them quite entertaining, especially that line from Eva’s tough character in the end of the movie. “You fight harder than you ****”

I recommend you see it if you’re in the mood for a good action movie. But keep in mind this is another Frank Miller production and it’s not for the modest. 

Rating: 4/5

Credits: cinemavine + hypable

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