Roaring ’20s Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Look

Did the movie “The Great Gatsby” make you wish that you lived in another time? After all, the outfits were elaborate, the dresses were beautiful and the homes were…spectacular. While everyday might not be a “Great Gatsby” day for you, who says your wedding can’t be? There are a lot of ways you can bring the beauty of the 1920’s into one of the most important days of your life. The first place to start is with what you’re wearing on the day! From your dress to the accessories, there are many beautiful pieces you can take advantage of to make this look possible.

1. The Dress

When choosing your dress, it’s important to look for something that has a vintage design. You might even be able to find a beautiful dress by shopping at vintage stores, but that could take a lot of searching. If you live in a big city, then call around and ask different thrift shops and vintage stores what they have, and then go to the stores that sound like they might have something promising. If you’re going to regular bridal stores, then look for dresses that have the vintage look to them.




  • Look for a dress that accentuates your curves.
  • Satin fabric is a common choice for Great Gatsby-esque wedding dresses.
  • Look for lace as well as fit and flare gowns

When you find the dress, you will know it. Remember that the look won’t be complete without the accessories, so don’t fret if the dress alone isn’t giving you the 1920’s vibe that you are looking for. You’ll also look different with the makeup completed, so everything will pull together in the end.

2. Headbands

Nothing says “Great Gatsby” quite like an amazing headband. Look for something that is sparkly and that makes a statement in order to achieve that you are looking for. Rhinestones, beautiful designs, flowers and lace are all going to be key details to look for in the headband. A 1920s inspired white headband is easy to spot, and if you want an example you can see one here. Wear this whether your hair is up or down, because it’s going to add that touch of glamor to your look that is definitely necessary.


Source: Mi Emporium (wedding accessories page)

3. Jewelry

Connected bracelets with rings were seen all over the movie, so why not wear one yourself? These are fun, unique and really beautiful, so they are great complements to any wedding dress with the vintage vibe. There are a lot of different styles out there, so choose one that matches your dress the best. A lot of these are made with rhinestones and pearls, so they are perfect for brides that love luxury-looking pieces.



To finish off your look, you are going to need some beautiful earrings that give you even more glam and sparkle. You should definitely go for something that is glam, so look for silver metals, rhinestones, diamonds, pearls and even feathers. These are elegant, vintage and give off the “flapper girl” look quite well. You can even go with colorful jewelry if you want to add a pop of color that will pull your outfit together.


Source: Emitations


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