Get to know America Martin

So happy to have America Martin on EY. She’s a talented artist and I admire her work. Ms. Martin not only granted us an exclusive interview, she also took on our quick questions to reveal a bit more about herself. Check out her cool responses below, and do give her art some attention if you haven’t before:

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I love to work, I love to play, I love to learn, I love to share, I love people who do things passionately and thus tend to surround myself with other busy people. I love kindness, generosity and joy.


Oh, that’s a good one! Well, for some time now I never work without wearing disposable gloves. A while back, a scenic painter behind me in line at Trader Joe’s told me about gloves and I thank him for it. Before, when working with oils and acrylics, my hands and arms would always be a rainbow. I now never paint without them. I also believe in eating well and drinking lots of water.




Resting and Thinking , 2013


Truth, my mom and my husband. 

I love dresses- and live in jeans, t-shirts & baseball caps. 


Get together with friends or go to the Korean spa.


If you love what you do and work hard, the universe will come and help you, and things will be okay.


Italian. Pasta, pasta, pasta.


I really enjoy hosting creative social experiments like poetry readings or original one-acts read by the author. But my favorite is a club called “Table Reads” my friends and I started. We have a potluck, good wine and friends and strangers come to my studio and we read a play aloud with everyone sharing all the parts. The last one we did was a 1944 radio broadcast of “The Saint”.  My dear friend Jason Ritter, who is an amazing actor, played the Saint.



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Credit: America Martin

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