Kelissa Gives Us ’10’

When I received the opportunity to feature Kelissa on EY, I was thrilled because she’s such a humble human being who creates empowering music. Thankfully, Kelissa not only took the time to grant us an interview, but she also went on to answer our 10 quickies, which happens to be my favorite part of the interview because these questions require more of the person rather than the artist. Check out Kelissa’s answers below.


Well, I don’t have one particular mantra. I just try to encourage myself to live good and love.

I love people and love to experience and learn new things. I am also very reflective and love spending time with myself.

Exercise, my diet, Yoga, Positive thinking

Anywhere in Africa

Love, gratitude, faith

Credit: Scaro Levi

I put comfort first, and then add some colors!

Well, a week for me doesn’t necessarily end after 7 days but music actually helps me to unwind. I try to make time to meditate, to do some exercise or yoga, or to be in nature. This also inspires creation of music and other art.

My faith, Exercise & Yoga

Ackee and Ethiopian food

I express myself through thought. I believe that anything we think about can manifest. I like to use my hands to create, anything from painting, to making jewelry, graphics. I love to use my mind.

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