Tessa Thompson takes ’10’

Like most, you may remember Tessa Thompson from Veronica Mars. Of late, you may remember her from the riveting independent film, Dear White People. Tessa is definitely a force to be reckon with and I see her only doing so much more from here on out. It was quite an honor to have her stop by EY and grant us some of her time from an obvious busy schedule, as Tessa is not only an actress but also a musician. Check out her 10 quick questions below, and do stop by our exclusive interview with the versatile entertainer.


I don’t have one. I’ve never loved the word ‘mantra’; it’s always made me suspicious. But I’m fond of the word YES. I use it a lot.

Depends on the day, and time of it.



I love Modo Yoga, which is basically a steady flow of yoga poses in a heated room. Feels like rebirth to sweat. I also love to make fresh juices. I believe in them.


Really, anywhere.  I want to see it all.



Sleep. Tea. Family. (But, not in that order)






A good long dance, either out with friends or alone in my living room.



The moon.


Asian I could eat everyday. I also love to cook.



I think living involves a tremendous about of creativity.




Visit the following sites to learn more about Tessa:




Image credit: Tessa’s instagram

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