Press Release: Sarah Miles Announces New EP!

New York– Indie pop artist and songwriter Sarah Miles announces the launch of her first independent EP that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Titled “Hear me out,” the album will be Sarah’s third career release and first truly independent production.

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“I’m just really passionate about these songs I’ve written and want to get them heard,” said Sarah. “I’ve just been so gratified by the audiences’ response and am so excited to get back into the studio to record my best songs yet.”

The album is inspired by Sarah’s personal story and promises an infectious blend of accessible music and emotional candor. After some difficult life turns, Sarah wrote one song each week for an entire year leading up to the album’s production. Now, Sarah is giving her fans the chance to hear her out and share her compelling story.

“After pushing myself to write each week, I was able to go through and pick out my favorite songs from the group.  It was really cool to see how my writing had evolved even just after a year.  I feel much more confident in my songwriting.  I feel like these could be my best songs yet!” said Sarah.

Sarah’s Kickstarter campaign has 15 days left with a funding goal of $10,000. Reward options range from $1 to $2,000, with $10 and up receiving the early release album in June. All funds raised will be used directly for the album production, publicity and release.

About Sarah

Sarah is an indie/pop artist living in New York doing what she loves—writing and performing music that people can relate to. A native of Princeton, NJ,  Sarah writes music that stylistically touches genres like folk, pop and country. As a solo artist, Sarah’s song, “Something About You” has been featured on NBC’s, The Voice. She’s also toured with acclaimed singer-songwriters such as Sister Hazel, Tyler Hilton, Teddy Geiger, Tony Lucca, Ingram Hill, Matt Duke, Jesse Ruben, and Pat McGee.


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Credit: Wren Ludlow


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