Single Review: “Abing Abing” by ORANGE CARAMEL

So I’m not usually a fan of Orange Caramel’s cutey cutey music, or any artist who does that kind of concept, but I must admit I’m addicted to their song Abing abing. Even if it’s ice-cream. I think the beat is energetic, as their sound usually is, and their hook is catchy. It’s no wonder some are referring to the Baskin Robbins influenced track as the anthem for the summer with it’s charming elements and fun music video. At first, I pondered on whether or not this should be used as a promotional single for the trio or a CF promo, but I think it can go for both because hey, the more promo for the ladies the better. And it seems fans have no problem with it being the way it is. Good for Pledis for jumping at the opportunity and I hope they do very well with Abing Abing, whether or not it’s a theme for a ice-cream company or just an upbeat single for summer. Overall, I love it, and can’t stop listening to it.

Rating: 5/5


credit: pledis youtube

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