At the Movies: “Maleficent”

Quite the contrary to her name, Maleficent was actually a peacekeeper in her flourishing and magical kingdom until the ultimate betrayal turned her bitter. You could even say she’s a woman scorned. Anyhoo, I was a tad hesitant of watching this movie because it’s a play on the popular fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, and I’m not really one for retellings of any kind. Still, I’m happy I gave Maleficent a chance because I truly enjoyed the twist. Angelina did a good job at playing the role and I can see why the movie made such a huge impact at the box office. I liked that they told the story in a way so as to depict the “so-called” evil witch as only misunderstood. If anything, Stefan was the horrible person, who allowed his ambitions and desire for power to take over. Hence, betraying Maleficent’s love. Then again, I doubt he ever loved her. Looks to me she was the one more willing to give her heart.

Overall, it was wonderful seeing the story from the witch’s point of view and really getting a feel of her intentions. I liked how in the end it wasn’t this out of nowhere prince that awoken the princess from her deep sleep, but it was Maleficent’s because in my opinion, true love doesn’t necessarily have to be on an intimate level between lovers, it can also be the love that a mother or father feels for their child. Because that is in fact the unconditional love you discover first before going into the world to experience it with another, if you ever do.

I recommend seeing Maleficent if you haven’t as yet. It’s quite enjoyable.

Credit: hollywoodreporter


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