Sunday Melodies: “Come Back You Bad Person” by Kahi

This song was released three years ago and I’m still addicted to it. Check out Park Kahi’s debut solo single, Come Back You Bad Person, and feel the energy! 🙂

Credit: Pledis Youtube

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2 Comments on Sunday Melodies: “Come Back You Bad Person” by Kahi

  1. jethroda20sumpin // June 8, 2014 at 12:01 pm // Reply

    I can understand why you love it! I’ve found there are a couple of K-Pop tunes that are just gonna stay with me forever, in spite of the superfast pace at which new singles are churned out. Out of curiosity, when/how did you discover K-Pop and J-Pop?

    • I discovered kpop & jpop back in 2008 from watching the dramas actually on this site called crunchyroll…because some of the actors/actresses were singers, I looked them up and that’s how I got into the music, then allkpop started and it got really popular, introducing global listeners to kpop groups, etc…since then i’ve sort of stuck to the groups and artists from 08 or 09 though not really listening to anyone now because like you said, too much and it gets overwhelming

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