Album Review: “Count On My Love” by Tessanne Chin

If I could describe the way this album has made me feel after listening to it on repeat for God knows how long, it would be SPEECHLESS. I’m blown away by the catchy and addictive tracks. I didn’t expect anything less than perfection though. Tessanne Chin and her team has delivered. From start to finish, Count On My Love depicts the message of love, facing trials, and remaining steady, while exploring elements of reggae, pop, rock, soul, dubstep, and funk. She fuses everything together to create a breathtaking experience for music lovers of any genre. You certainly can appreciate the dynamics of this record and the unbelievable talent of the Jamaican songstress. 

Tumbling Down opens up the album, highlighting why the singer is has out-shined her fellow constants. It’s a beautiful song with heartfelt ranges and a soft melody that never received its well-deserving attention, regardless if it was a winner’s song. Everything Reminds Me Of You is similar, not exactly being a bit hit on the charts, but it definitely is as memorable a song. Love the simplicity of the lyrics and groovy rock/pop beat. There’s a bit of dance in the mix, with Tessanne swaying into reggae towards the bridge. A great production indeed that showcases her raw energy and the fiercer side of the soulful diva.

The title track, Count On My Love, is a reggae ballad showing off Tessanne’s roots, while putting forth an international flare. It’s a sweet love song reminding us that in spite of the troubles or how far you might be away from your significant other, you can always count on their love as they can find assurance in yours. Love the line, “Don’t you worry cause worries are just going to make this hard…” Once again, the singer vibes out in some of her island slang that is understandable by the way. Her clarity is off the hook. This is a solid track that has a summer appeal and that should be blasting on radio stations. Sadly, it’s not. 

Always Tomorrow is another groovy number that still has reggae present in the midst, but its not as strong as the r&b vibe. Love the peaceful messages in these tracks. It’s all about love. There’s nothing suggestive or has sex subliminally imprinted. It’s classy and very empowering. 

I have to say that Lifeline is my favorite so far, being that it’s a slow, mellow, and soulful ballad. Love the guitar and hypnotic drums. I hear a bit of latin rudiments in there. As if I’m listening to a Jon Secada or Sade track. The song wraps me in a sensual atmosphere. Such beautiful and emotional singing. You’ll get goosebumps listening to this one. Love Tessanne’s breathy tone in the versus and her ranges are flawless towards the end.

I Heart U flows back into reggae. I’m not tired of it because each song has its own unique flavor to it. Another candy-flavored track that’s perfect for summer. I’d love this as a single as well. 

Loudest Silence is the second ballad and even more beautiful. At one point I was like ooh, is this Celine Dion. There’s a part leading to the chorus where Tessanne sounds like her icon. You can’t escape getting swept up in the bittersweet lyrics. She tugs on my heartstrings insanely. I like that the music isn’t overdone and it’s only Tessanne in this intimate setting. It’s a wonderful production and I’ve always enjoyed ballads like this. 

Heaven Knows depicts how the relationship is getting back on a steady road after a brief conflict. It signifies that they’re stronger than ever and are even more devoted to making it work. While the music is more uptempo than the previous, I’m loving the mix of pop and soul and it can definitely work as a solid single to help promote the album. This is fierce love song for couples to vibe out to on the dance floor. Best part of the song? “Boom B-boom…beating for you…” Love it. 

The album slows down again with People Change. This is another one of my favorites. This, along with Lifeline just stays with me more than the rest even though they all have impacted me greatly. I’m a sucker for acoustic intros that flow into soulful melodies and People Change does just that. The song is realistic, depicting something many are fearful of, which is change. Sometimes its good, sometimes it brings about the end of a chapter we’re afraid of closing. But in this case, Tessanne is ready to embrace it and step forward. That’s a great concept, because it transitions perfectly into the album’s final track, One Step Closer. 

One Step Closer I think is a surprise to many. Never heard the singer taking on dubstep or dance before. It’s a great combination because there’s dancehall incorporated in the music arrangement. I’m glad the album concluded on a positive and energetic note, but I’m saddened by the fact that only ten tracks made the final cut. Regardless, the overall album is an incredible production and well worth the wait. Count On My Love will be stuck in the minds of every single soul who gives it a listen. Like I said, there’s a song for everyone and anyone who appreciates natural talent and a woman who carries herself with class will enjoy Tessanne’s music. Great album!

Rating: 5/5


Release date: July 1st 2014

Label: Republic

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Track listing:

01. Tumbling Down

02. Everything Reminds Me Of You

03. Count on my Love

04. Always Tomorrow

05. Lifeline

06. I Heart U

07. Loudest Silence

08. Heaven Knows

09. People Change

10. One Step Closer


*This review is based on the opinion of the writer only and doesn’t reflect the views of EY as a whole.

Have you listened to the album? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Album Review: “Count On My Love” by Tessanne Chin

  1. A very great album. However, I just wished her label & management team had done all work before releasing the album. Such as having a song from the album playing on the Radio, with a Video and there should have been a Media Promo leading up to the release of the album. Also the album should not have been released while she’s on Voice Tour, since they did not promote the album before it was released. So now the album is released while on tour and now she cannot promote it. She’s very talented and deserves a place in the music industry, I hope that she’ll recover from this and get her place in the industry.

    1. I totally agree. Such a crappy label. They should not work with the Voice if this is the BS they’re going to keep doing every time. It’s pointless to compete on a music show where the label won’t even bother to promote you when you win. I’m sad for Tessanne because she has real talent. I just hope the fans will get through to this shady label.

  2. Great review! My favourite song is ALL A DEM! Lol. I tried to choose, but I just couldn’t. It’s like you said – every song gives you a different vibe and they’re all great.

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