Face Massage – The Natural Way to Fight Wrinkles and Look Younger

Pampering your body with a massage once in a while is a great way to help relieve stress and become healthier and even better is trying out that most coveted face massage. Apart from relaxation, most people seek face massage for its cosmetic benefits at it helps one achieve a beautiful and younger facial appearance. A face massage can be performed at home or at a spa by a professional therapist. Below is a comprehensive list of the numerous benefits of face massage that will get you to give it a try.

1. Strengthens and makes facial skin more elastic

The skin contains a substance known as Collagen which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. As we grow and as the skin is exposed to the harsh effects of mother nature, the Collagen is broken down and weakened thus making the skin less elastic hence a sagging or drooping effect. A good facial massage usually helps to promote the production of collagen thus increasing the skin’s elasticity thus making it stronger and less susceptible to sagging, folding or drooping which may otherwise result in wrinkles and a double chin among others.

face massage 1image source: Elle Canada

2. Helps to promote good circulation of blood to the face

As your skin is being manipulated during a face massage, your facial blood vessels tend to experience the light pressure. This tends to open the blood vessels up thus increasing the blood circulation to the face. Good blood circulation to the face means optimum supply of Oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells thus encouraging production of skin cells. These essential nutrients and Oxygen help a great deal when it comes to promoting the healing of facial blemishes such as acne and other skin infections. This in turn helps to keep the skin flawless and strong enough to tackle injuries and infections. Dr. Jody Albert Levine is a New York based dermatologist who encourages people to make use of massage as it promotes blood circulation which in turn brings nutrients to that area being massaged. Blood is also responsible for the supply of water to the skin cells thus massages help keep the skin well moisturized.

face massage 2Image source: Just Be Natural

3. Enhances removal of toxins from the skin

Toxins are usually the main cause of skin conditions like acne and rashes. Though we are exposed to toxins during our daily life activities, washing your face twice a day is not enough to curb their negative effects to the skin. Some toxins are found within the body and some may be engraved within the skin cells. The most effective way to get rid of these is through a facial massage. Massaging your facial skin normally leads to increase in blood circulation to the facial skin cells and the blood acts as the vehicle that transports toxins and waste products to the excretory organs. This keeps the skin free from toxins thus a healthier and beautiful skin.

4. Reduces formation of wrinkles

Though ageing is a normal process that is inevitable, some of its effects can be prevented or reduced. Formation of wrinkles can be prevented or its progress slowed down by use of face massage. Facial massage promotes and encourages the production of Collagen which keeps the skin elastic and stronger thus preventing folding, sagging and drooping of the facial skin, which are the main causes of wrinkles. Massage also helps to keep the skin cell well-supplied with water, Oxygen and other essential nutrients that keep it healthier, more elastic and easier to recover from folding and other injuries. Massage is considered a great tool for combating wrinkle formation. It is a great natural face-lift that should replace cosmetic surgery.

Β face massage 3Image source: Beauty Frizz

5. Improves the tone, texture and appearance of your skin

The Chinese say that your facial outlook is a true reflection of your inner well-being; I tend to agree with this. Your facial appearance not only determines your health, it also determines your impression to the people you meet. Having a vibrant and shiny skin will welcome a positive attitude from other people while a face full of flaws and imperfections will attract ridicule and negative attitude from the people you meet. Well, thanks to the facial massage, you can easily get that beautiful, spotless, flawless, vibrant, glowing and youthful skin that will turn faces. A facial massage has great benefits to the facial skin, which when combined add up to your ideal skin. A combination of good blood circulation, good supply of Oxygen, nutrients and moisture and increased production of collagen will definitely make your skin more vibrant, smoother and flawless thus a glowing and vibrant youthful face. Massage also reduces puffiness caused by lack of enough sleep or overuse of cosmetics.

face massage 4Image source: Tantric Massage HK

6. Relaxes the facial muscles

The face is home to numerous muscles and for one emotion such as a smile or a frown to be expressed, several muscles are involved. With time, this may lead to strained or tired muscles and there may be formation of wrinkles and tiny skin folds and lines within the face which may not be that cute. A well performed facial massage will help relax the facial muscles and thus get rid of the folds, wrinkles and lines. In combination with the above named benefits to the facial skin, massage is able to get rid of wrinkles and such folds as well as prevent the formation of other wrinkles thus keeping the skin smooth and vibrant. Massage also relieves muscle tension thus reducing muscle pains such as migraines.

face massage 5

Image source: PinterestΒ 

7. Relaxes the body as a whole

Having a facial massage is a relaxing experience as a whole.Taking your time to have your face pampered with a great massage is fun and it helps a great deal in stress relief and decreasing of anxiety. A certain psychological study carried out in 2008 showed that when a facial massage is administered for 45 minutes, there is a significant change in anxiety levels and mood. Also, the massage oils used during facial massage are usually scented to achieve the aromatherapeutic part of the massage which keeps you relaxed throughout the massage.

8. Opens up clogged pores

During a facial massage, there is an increase in temperature and in combination with the manipulation of the facial skin, the clogged pores are automatically opened up. Clogged pores are a known cause of acne, blackheads and dullness of the skin which are common problems faced by everyone around the world.

From the above benefits, it is clear that a massage is all you need for your fight against wrinkles and the aging process. Before the massage, it is best to know your facial skin type as this determines the kind of massage oil to use on your face and the intensity of the massage. Sensitive skin types should be massaged with great care as they are more susceptible to soreness, acne and rashes. For best results, a facial massage should be done by a professional and experienced therapist since if done in the wrong way, this could make your skin’s situation worse than before. You should consider giving this kind of massage a try and you’ll have absolutely no reason to regret.

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