The Glamorous Beauty of Sydney’s Camping Islands

Geography and the spirit of adventure are just two sides of the same coin when you are in or around Sydney. Nothing defines the supremacy of leisure more than a chance to sail along the lavish coastlines that stretch the length of the city’s fringes. Anybody with a genuine interest in camping and a strong bias for camping has multiple options in the charming waters of Sydney. You can double the intensity of the adventure by choosing to savor the aquatic delights of Sydney on a luxury inflatable boat or a stand up board.


Enjoying the boating (Image source: Island Inflatables)

The following camping sites are some of the most fascinating:

Patonga Beach

An excursion into the glorious hinterlands of Sydney should include some good camping time at the Patonga Beach. It its impossible to lay your sights on the natural majesty of Patonga Creek without falling in love with it promptly. This creek is a geographical marvel that adds meaning to Sydney’s lasting fame as a world leading destination. The wonders of Broken Bay have always thrilled campers who seek to immerse in the great pleasures of Sydney’s nature. Patonga beach offers campers great opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and many other aquatic adventures.

Cockatoo Island

A lovely warm breeze and beautiful vegetation of Cockatoo Island greets you as you sail merrily on your inflatable boat. The experience sticks on your memory for many years ahead with every chance that you shall return when time and logistics allow. One advantage of camping on this island is that it holds convenient sites for a variety of outdoor activities such as partying and photography. Visitors who wish to optimize the intensity of fun at this island have the option of mounting an outboard motor on their boats or paddling leisurely around the island. Both options incredibly fulfilling for those who travel in groups although individuals too have more than enough supply of fun.


Camping on Cockatoo Island (Image source: Travel Australia)

Durras Beach

Sampling the immensity of Australia’s beauty is never over until you tour the great Durras Beach. Every time visitors get to this beach, they are always assured of a wonderful opportunity of seeing some of Australia’s wildlife including kangaroos and possums. Durras is a great destination for lovers of photography as it is surrounded with amazing photogenic landmarks and multiple attractions.

Coledale Beach

Next time you consider a camping excursion around Sydney, Coledale Beach should be included among your top-most options. It is not hard to explain why this beach stands out among others. This ideal camping site is exquisitely beautiful in terms of the romantic vegetation hills and other attractions that define the totality of glamor and fun.


Camping on Coledale Beach (Image source: Coledale Beach)

Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks is easily one of the best choices for an avid sailor. This camping site is extremely lavish and serene in ways that minister to the aesthetic appetites of anybody with true love for aquatic lifestyle. There is no end to the list of activities that can engage anybody who visits Seal Rocks for the first time and subsequent visits. Leisure never gets better than this.

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