Make Summer Sweeter – The Dress You Need for Every Occasion

There is nothing greater than summer fashion. This summer, style is marked by soft pastels, floral patterns, creative straps, bows, and items that simply scream comfort. However, such promising fashion choices also have their downfall, which is that it becomes extremely difficult to find the perfect dress for the right occasion. With so many choices available, it’s easy to fall into a situation where you simply don’t know what to wear – and it really is the worst situation to find yourself in. Luckily, to help you narrow your options, below are some of the best and fashion-forward dress suggestions to make any summer occasion a stunning one.

Keep it Casual for BBQ’s and Outdoor Meals

Summer is a time for laughter, for loving, and for basking in the warm sunshine. It’s also a time to take the opportunity to enjoy the awesome weather outside by attending or hosting your own outdoor lunch or BBQ – which like all situations leads you to wonder what to wear. This type of event is the easy kind though. For a BBQ or outdoor lunch, you absolutely want to keep it casual yet stylish. This summer, the perfect summer item is in fashion, and it’s the jean colored tunic dress. Lucky Mag features it perfectly here, ideally paired with nude colored sandal and a fedora hat. This outfit is perfect for an evening event or one late in the afternoon. If you’re shooting for daylight hours, go with more color.

Fawn Over Floral for Dates

A fashion wonder has occurred this summer, and girls we are all excited. This summer, floral has made a comeback, and there is no better way to use soft tones and pretty patterns than on a summer date. Cosmopolitan does a wonderful job by exemplifying this trend. Short or long, these dresses all go great with solid colored heals that accentuate your body in all the right places. To make most of floral dresses, go for a nude makeup scheme, add jewelry that accentuates the color of the dress, and go forward with your best smile.

Cameo for Casual Occasions

Sadly, summer isn’t always filled with outdoor meals and dreamy dates, it’s also made up of those casual moments that fit right in between. If you’re looking for an evening casual outfit, one worthwhile style to check out is that presented by Cameo (as seen on Alterior Motif website). According to Cameo, their dresses especially, are perfect for any evening event where all you want to do is relax and feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. The colors are not too vibrant, which leaves you more room to accentuate the style with jewelry, shoes, and even a hat.

Sultry Summer Nights with the Girls

One thing that you cannot absolutely miss out on this summer are those special evenings with your girls. Girls night out is more than just a reoccurring event on your calendar, it is a tradition, a ritual, a night where you get to enjoy the ladies in your life that are there for you through it all. This means that on girls night out, you go all out. Dresses for this type of occasion are flashy, fabulous, sparkly, sexy, and sultry. You’re not dressing for a man, you’re dressing for you and your ladies.

Be a Beauty at the Beach


The final fashion consideration to make is what type of dress you should wear to the beach. The beach is a sandy, warm, and glorious place, so take it as an opportunity to flaunt your skin and your style with a short dress. Keep it non-clingy, comfortable, and nothing that you would be worried about getting a bit of sand in. If you do decide to wear a maxi dress in sandy places though, don’t forget to pick it up as you walk. Otherwise, you’ll ruin the hemline.


Summer is a magical time and with the above outfit suggestions, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the magic and less time figuring out what to wear. Just remember that whatever you choose, outfits are always best accented by jewelry and a beautiful pair of shoes – and with the many options out there this year, you absolutely can’t go wrong.

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