Diving Paradise – 5 Amazing Diving Sites In Croatia

If you are looking for an exhilarating diving experience you should head to the beautiful country of Croatia. The country is blessed to have over a thousand amazing islands offering an amazing experience that will linger with you for a lifetime. The best time to go diving in Croatia is during the summers as the temperature at time is a soothing 60 to 70 degrees and the visibility ranges from 60 to 90 feet. Mother Nature has been kind to Croatia as the erosion over thousands of years have carved out tunnels, arches, crevices and canyons making diving a memorable experience. While there are numerous diving sites some of the most popular one are given below.

diving croatia image source: Croatia Hr

1. Bisevo Grotto (Blue Cave)

Regarded among the best diving spots in the Adriatic region, Bisevo Grotto lies near the historic city of Split. Approachable only by a boat from the island of Vis the islet has about ten caves around it. The most amazing cave is the Blue Cave and if you are there between 11 a.m. and 12 noon on a calm sunny day you will be able to see a unique spectacle – the sunlight lights up the cave with a luminous blue light while the objects under the surface sparkle in silver and pink. On your dive you will come face to face with octopus, lobster, corals, conger eels and scorpion fish.

blue cave image source: Yacht Holiday Croatia

2. Susac

Susac means Dry Island in Croatian and as you approach the island you will be surprised by the lack of population on the island. As you dive into the sea you will find that the island is among the most fascinating islands of the country due to the deep underwater cliffs. On your dive you will be astounded by the beautiful Mediterranean gorgonians in a spectacle of colors ranging from the normal dark red to the exotic shades of orange and yellow. You can see a variety of marine animals such as sea perches, anthias and pink swallowtails swimming over the gorgonians.

susac diving image source: Ronjenje Hrvatska

3. Baron Gautsch, Rovinj

The island of Rovinj is a haven for the wreck divers as the wreck of Baron Gautsch which sunk way back in 1914 lies just off its coast. If you are a beginner it is advisable that you do not go to this site as the same is apt for an expert diver. Over the years corals and algae have grown on the deck of the ship and you will also find that the wreck is also home to schools of fish of various hues.

baron gautsch image source: Star Fish

4. Premuda

Lying to the west of the island of Pag is one of the most amazing diving spots of the country – Premuda. As you dive into the sea you will be astounded to see an underwater cathedral which is formed due to the presence of a number of underwater caves. As sunlight lights up these caves you will feel that you are passing through a glass stained window. If you are confident enough you can go down to a depth of about 70 m to explore the wreck of a ship.

premuda croatia image source: Ronjenje Hrvatska

5. Svetac

As you approach the island of Svetac you will be intrigued by the myth attached to it. According to the myth the island was the home to the pirate queen Tueta who wanted to sleep with a different young man every night who was then thrown off the cliff the next morning. It is also believed that her treasure also lies buried on the island. As you dive into the sea you will be amazed to see black coral which is unique to this region. If you are lucky you may come face to face with the Mediterranean monk seal which lived here before migrating to Greece and Turkey.

svetac  image source: Water Frame

To reach these amazing diving spots you can hire the services of taxis, ferries and boat rental agencies in Croatia. Some of the diving spots such as Bisevo Grotto can only be accessed by a boat.

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