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Europe’s Most Treasured Sailing Paradise – Croatia

Croatia is one of the best destinations in Europe, for holidaymakers seeking to explore the majestic beauty of nature. Blessed with magnificent flora and fauna, the Adriatic country offers a host of options to explore especially with its expansive Mediterranean waters along its borders. There are many attractions waiting for you to discover them and planning for your vacation in Croatia will be an ideal idea to discover its magnificent beauties. One of the best experiences you can have while traveling to the Adriatic country will be to sail in the massive Mediterranean waters and this can be done as you rent a boat from different charter agencies offering boats for hire if you do not have a boat of your own.

croatia adria tours
image source: Croatia Adria Hotels

Croatia has more than 1,200 islands and a coastline stretching over 1,100 miles and this among other things make it a sailing paradise of choice for many in Europe. No wonder the Adriatic country has been nicknamed as “Europe’s ultimate sailing destination.

Endless attractions for your exploration

As a sailing destination, Croatia offers a wide range of options as far as sailing attractions are concerned. From harbors to islands, berths to lagoons, sailors are always spoiled for choice whenever they want to dock their yachts, boats or cruise ships. There are also major rivers that are ideal for people seeking adventurous attractions such as crashing waterfalls, ancient caves, grand canyons and historical sites. Some of the rivers you should consider include Krka and Cetina, which are popular among locals and international vacationers.

croatia sailing yacht
image source: Croatia Yacht Rent Gallery

Access to strikingly amazing flora and fauna

Sailing across Croatia’s coastlines enables you to enjoy the graceful beauty that is synonymous with the country. From unique and rare aquatic life to the spectacular reefs, the coastline offers a real reason for you to sail across her waters. By renting a boat, it will be easy to also visit the various island national parks spread across the expansive country including Konarti and Krk which offer colorful flora and fauna including some of the most endangered species. A boat ride will also take you to some of the most romantic island attractions such as Lopud, Vis and Rab which will undoubtedly make your sailing excursion a spectacular event to remember.

croatia week island proizd
image source: Croatia Week Magazine

Unmatched experiences

Sailing across Croatia will bring you face to face with some of the most impressive natural attractions which are found nowhere else. As you go for your sailing expedition, you can look forward to enjoy the most attractive and charming sunset of Zadar, which has been described as the most amazing sunset scene in the world. Just sitting on your boat and watching the sun as it sets will fill you with awe of the wonderful work of creation. You should also plan to visit the well-known sea organ and listen to the unforgettable tones emanating from the sea.

paradise croatia sailing
image source: Telegraph Co Uk

Sailing expeditions are always adventurous and fun-filled

As you sail across Croatia’s waters, you will also be able to access some of the most unspoiled beaches ideal for relaxation and sunbathing. Your expedition can never be complete without visiting Zlatni Rat beach located in Brac Island, Calypso, and Papaya in Pag which are famous for their nightlong parties. People with their own boats or yachts can have a mouthful of experience in sailors’ island but even those without their own can rent a boat from one of the respected charter agencies to have an equal share of adventure and fun.

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