11 Business Accessories Every Professional Needs

The world of business does not just require quick wit and a clever mind. That is what gets someone started, but what keeps them going is the confidence in which they carry themselves. At the end of the day, what truly makes a businessman is their appearance.

Everyone knows that men and women of business need quality tailored suits to make their mark in the business world. But what people do not always think about are the accessories that should go along with the suits (here are some cool examples).

Quality Watch

Having a nice watch does not mean diamonds around a giant case. True businessmen always know the time because they are always on the move. Schedules are the law in business and no professional pulls out their phone to check the time. Instead, they have a quality watch that looks like it was made to compliment a suit.


Again, schedules are the law. If someone wants to take the old fashioned route, a bonded leather planner is the way to go. However, it today’s world, every serious business professional is holding a smartphone or iPad to keep up with meetings, appointments and schedules.

Professional Footwear

There are no tennis shoes or UGG boots allowed on Wall Street. Thus, every business man or woman should invest in professional footwear. Men should purchase black or brown leather shoes that are well-made and high-class. Women should invest in professional heels and classy flats. Business shoes should be solid colors and leather, no extra bling or bright colors.

Leather Briefcase

Professional individuals never walk the city streets with a backpack. Backpacks are for tourists while briefcases are for businessmen. Again, briefcases should be leather-bound and black or brown. No designs, bright colors or key chains.

Lint Roller

Although it should not be carried around for everyone to see, a lint roller can be a life saver. Dust, hair and crumbs can easily ruin a suit, but lint rollers work as an easy fix. A quick once over with a lent roller before that big meeting can be the difference between cool and confident or a lazy mess.

Pocket Pen
Pens should never be seen sticking out of a pocket, but should be tucked away inside the interior pocket of a suit. Professionals are always ready to seal a deal, which often means having a pen handy for signing a contract. Also, pens should look professional. No freebies that were picked up at the bank, but rather personalized and shining with gold trim.

Matching Belts
No man or woman of business should wear a suit without a belt. A tucked in shirt without a belt tends to look sloppy and unprofessional. A belt is the finishing touch to every business outfit. Keep with the leather theme and only go for black or brown with simple belt buckles.

Silk Ties

Bow ties do not exist in world of business, so do not even consider it. Silk ties are the only way to go for professional men making their way down Wall Street. Patterns are usually not a good idea, but simple lines are sometimes acceptable. As far as colors go, black, gray or shades of blue are usually the safest bet.

Wallet/Business Cards

A leather-bound wallet is a must have for credit and business cards. Professional men and women should keep their business cards on their person at all times. The key to every professional is to be prepared. If they have a leather wallet that is quick to open and whip out a card, they will obtain a professional exterior.

Simple Jewelry
For men, jewelry should not even be considered. For women, however, simple jewelry can complete a professional look. Small hoops or small stud earrings are acceptable, but no large hoops or dangle earrings, as they can get in the way or look too flashy. Women should also steer clear of large pendants or thick bracelets.

Business accessories are the key to finishing off the perfect look of professionalism. Someone who holds confidence in their attitude as well as their wardrobe contains the whole package.

Image credits: SplitShire (Pixabay), MarketingFacts, Wikipedia (CC), e-gabi (Pixabay),

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