Choose a Dress for Your Body Type

We all want to look good in clothes and have a well-thought-out outfit that will turn heads and make you shine. Buying new clothes is often very exciting but it can easily become very stressful especially if you’re looking for an outfit a few days before a special event. Deciding to wear a dress is a good choice because you only have to match one peace of clothing with the right accessories. If you don’t know what your are looking for a good dresses is very difficult to find.

Long and Lean

If you have this kind of body type when shopping for clothes you want create an illusion of a curvaceous body. Pick out something that accentuates the waist like A-line dresses, adding a waist belt is always a good option. Also, you should choose dressed that have detail over the hips and bust and have puff or cap sleeves.



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Curvy Body

A flattering figure for curvy bodies is an Empire style dress because it gives you a lean glamorous look. It is important for the material to be flowy and not stick to your figure. You can decide to flaunt your figure by choosing a dress that hugs your body but a good idea is to have it fall loosely over your thighs.


If you want to look taller it’s all about the cut of the dress. When shopping ask for petite dresses that were made to fit women with smaller frames on the waits and the hips. Look for fitted dresses and if you want a dress that’s loose around your lower half make sure it stops over the knee. A V-neck will elongate your figure while a wide neckline will add volume to your shoulder area. If you have wide hips a wide neckline will add balance to your silhouette but be careful because this type of dress doesn’t work well with women who have fuller busts.6992037898_d80ca53a01_z


Full Figure

It’s tempting to try to hide your body in oversized clothes, you may not see it but this strategy will only make you look bigger and boxy. First off choose the right bra, the wrong bra will make any dress look frumpy. Take a good look at your shape, find the part of your body that is the smallest and accentuate that with a dress that pinched at that area. Try on wrap dresses that flaunt your curves, empire dresses that will extend your body or A-line dresses that give you a smaller waist.

Try on everything

You never know what will work for your body because even if you fall into a certain body type group your dimensions and your posture have a big influence on the way it fits your body. Try on every type, style and even try on different sizes because your silhouette can will look completely different in a smaller size. And never forget it’s not your body that is wrong and doesn’t look good in some clothes it’s that the clothes don’t fit your body.

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    1. Though it may be difficult to find the right dress they don’t judge you after the holidays like pants πŸ˜€

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