Thinking about a New Year Gift? Here Are 6 Ideas to Get You Started

New Year gifts can be anything and everything new that builds the spirit of this festive season. Before making a random decision regarding the gift you need to give to your loved one, it is a good idea for you to plan ahead. This is the most awaited holiday of the year, which means that you don’t have to leave anything to chance. Here are … Continue reading Thinking about a New Year Gift? Here Are 6 Ideas to Get You Started

Natalie Denise Sperl’s 10 Quickies

Natalie Denise Sperl is the front woman of Los Angeles-based quartet Kill My Coquette, whose self-titled debut EP is due out on January 20th.  Armed with attitude and boasting vital rock & punk with a twist of designer blues, Kill My Coquette is influenced by game-changing artists like Jack White, Lou Reed, Joan Jett and the New York Dolls, but they have a sound all … Continue reading Natalie Denise Sperl’s 10 Quickies

Living in Croatia – Paradise for Sun Seekers

Croatia is a country located across Italy. It is also known as republic of Croatia. This place is renowned for its excellent climate, natural sceneries and its close proximity to the Mediterranean. It is becoming a hot spot for tourist, retired people and investors as well. People looking for a quiet place seek solace over here. So if you are also considering the option of … Continue reading Living in Croatia – Paradise for Sun Seekers

Top 3 Holiday Destinations in Asia

There are many exciting and varied holiday destinations in the huge continent of Asia. Picking just three of the amazing sights and locations to be visited is nigh on impossible. But the options below can certainly be counted amongst the top vacation spots of East Asia, each of them good for a different type of holiday: 1.The Great Wall, China – Great for history lovers, … Continue reading Top 3 Holiday Destinations in Asia

most famous islands in europe

A Guide to the Most Famous Islands in Europe

Europe is the second-smallest continent in the world and third in population after Asia and Africa. It is described as the birthplace of the western culture thanks to the Ancient Greece and Rome empires. The ability to preserve its natural heritage has greatly added to conservation of the natural habitat ensuring that there is a natural feel and a connection to nature while visiting the … Continue reading A Guide to the Most Famous Islands in Europe

Fashion Feature: AndyJ

I came across this fly young man on chictopia and just had to share with our readers. Andy J is a college student who runs the blog, L’Homme Journal, where he not only talks fashion, but you can discover his lifestyle and other interests. Check out my favorites below, and be sure to stop by Andy J’s blog.   Images Credit: + L’Homme Journal Continue reading Fashion Feature: AndyJ

Delaney Gives Us ’10’

Delaney Gibson is more than a talented musician. Check out her down-to-earth responses to our traditional 10 quickies, and you may discover some similarities to this cool lady.   Find what you love and do it until it kills you. Happy, driven, and creative.   I eat paleo/gluten-free/Whole30. I cook most of my own meals and love doing Barre3 🙂 I have an entire blog about … Continue reading Delaney Gives Us ’10’