most famous islands in europe

A Guide to the Most Famous Islands in Europe

Europe is the second-smallest continent in the world and third in population after Asia and Africa. It is described as the birthplace of the western culture thanks to the Ancient Greece and Rome empires. The ability to preserve its natural heritage has greatly added to conservation of the natural habitat ensuring that there is a natural feel and a connection to nature while visiting the various tourist destinations.

most famous islands in europe

Explore the most famous islands in Europe (image source: Lagoon 440 from Charter Croatia)

While most areas have been changed over the years due to industrialization, it is evident that the most preserved areas are found in the islands which continue to enjoy their historical nature without much interference. Some of the known islands are:

Island of love, Galesnjak

Also known as Galesnjak, this is an island in Croatia. It has often been described as the perfect tourism destination. The island derives its name, Island of love, from its heart shape. It is viewed as a romantic destination for people in love and has been sought as a wedding destination.

Island of Love
Galesnjak, the famous Island of Love in Croatia (image source: Surreal Landscapes on Photos MSN)

Although it is privately owned once permission is granted, the island is also a perfect getaway destination as there are no people living there. This makes it perfect for lovers who would want to spend some time in a secluded destination.

Party Island, Ibiza

This is a Spanish island that is known to have very beautiful scenery with half of it still covered by forest. It is also famous for its ability to attract young revellers especially during summer. During this season, it attracts the worlds famous Djs, models and celebrities.

party island ibiza

Traveling to the famous party Island, Ibiza (image source: Turisticka agencija Oskar )

Ibiza has achieved its reputation as a destination for the young due to its infamous clubs, Amnesia, Space and Pacha, which during the summer are packed with world famous DJs, glamor models and celebrities. In addition, Ibiza Island hosts the largest club in the world, Club Privilege, which can hold 10,000 people.

For those who like to enjoy the sight of a spectacular sunset and take walks, there is a 2km uninhabited coastal stretch that has been reserved to give tourists that opportunity. To get to the island there are buses from San Antoni to Ibiza and an international airport is also present.

Zeus Birthplace, Island Crete

Believed to be the birthplace of the king of Greek gods, Zeus, this is an island of rich culture. Although the large number of tourists has seen the island undergo a transformation, the inhabitants have still held on to their traditions. The natural appeal, richness of culture and the tranquility are a part of the endless list that still makes this island a formidable tourist destination.

Island Crete
Crete, the birthplace of the Greek God Zeus (image source: Crete Satellite Pictures)

There is also the presence of architectural treasures in Rethymno town which still has the ancient buildings preserved to tell the history of this island. The island has a well-developed infrastructure. There are three airports, it is commonly served by ferries and has a road network that enables one to access almost all the parts of the island making it travel friendly.

Wonder of the World,  Rhodes Island

A home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Colossus of Rhodes, this island is also listed as a World Heritage site. Its sandy beaches overlook a 15th century prison and a castle provides a great view while taking a beach walk. Although the island is windy, there are protected bays that provide perfect conditions for scuba diving.

Rhodes Island
Rhodes Island in Greece (image source: Slawomir Szewczyk on Blogspot)

Depending on your location, Rhodes island is accessible though rail, road and air, thanks to the developed infrastructure.

“A-list” Guests Hotspot, Capri Island

Located in Italy, Capri is a 10km square island that has been described as glamorous, with outstanding people, food and views. Due to its captivating beauty, this island has hosted “A-list” guests from the ancient Roman emperors to the 21st century famous personalities. The mild climatic conditions make it an all year round travel destination though the months of May to September are the best months to visit.

Capri Island in Italy
Capri Island, the Hotspot for A-list Guests in Italy (image source: Travel 2 Italy)

To get to Capri, there are ferries and hydrofoils from Naples that get you to the island. In the island, there are public buses and a train. Taxi services are also very reliable to make your visit worth the stay.

These are just but a few of the islands that are found in Europe however, there are many more that provide perfect destinations.

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