Top 3 Holiday Destinations in Asia

There are many exciting and varied holiday destinations in the huge continent of Asia. Picking just three of the amazing sights and locations to be visited is nigh on impossible. But the options below can certainly be counted amongst the top vacation spots of East Asia, each of them good for a different type of holiday:

1.The Great Wall, ChinaGreat for history lovers, hikers, campers and explorers
To get to the Great Wall, most tourists start at Beijing. Beijing is served by Beijing Capital International Airport. The most commonly visited areas of wall, and therefore the most crowded, are the areas at Badaling and Mutianyu. The first of those is served by tour groups, so it gets very busy at times, though if you just want a glimpse of the Great Wall, a stroll along it, and to be able to say you have been there, then it is possible to avoid the worst of the crowds, and to make your own way there from Beijing by bus, train or taxi. The history of this wall, built in stages over many centuries, is breathtaking.

Great wall

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Many other sections are reachable by bus or taxi from Beijing, including the very oft photographed sections of the Wall at Jiankou, where you can see the ‘Nine-Eye Tower’, the ‘Beijing Knot’ where three wall sections meet, and the ‘Sky stair’ to the majestically named ‘The eagle flies facing upward’ tower, with its spectacular views. This is a wonderful place to see the sunrise or the sunset over the verdant landscape.

But for those who are looking to do something a little more off the beaten tourist track, there are huge sections of the Wall that are in ruins, crumbling picturesquely into the stunning surrounding wildernesses. These sections are perfect for hiking and camping. With over 640 km North of Beijing and much more in the neighbouring province and beyond, you are sure to find a section of wall to yourself. The stretch of Wild Wall from Jinshanling to Simatai is particularly beautiful. So if you are up for a little exploration, why not consider taking a closer look at this man-made wonder of the world?

2.Islands in ThailandGreat for romantics, sun-lovers, hard-core partiers and yet also for those who seek relaxing idylls.


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The great beauty and variety of Thailand’s many, many islands is almost too good to be true. Head out from Bangkok or Phuket and you will be rewarded by sandy, blue-sea paradises. Each island has a different character and there is something for everyone, whether you are looking to relax in isolated peace on a romantic getaway, or party hard with the hoards of backpackers.
For the ultimate party island, try Koh Phangan, or the ever-popular Koh Phi Phi where ‘The Beach’ was filmed . For scuba, the best bet is Koh Tao. Koh Lanta is fairly easy to get to, and does not have much of a party scene, which makes it a good bet for families who just want to relax on the beaches – while busy in high season, it does not get too crowded.

Perhaps the most idyllic and perfect of well-known Thai islands is the tiny Koh Lipe, visible from Koh Lanta. It is serene, remote and relatively unspoiled. Though its popularity has definitely made it busier in recent years, it is still a place to get away from it all, perfect for romance, and also for families, who will appreciate swimming or playing in its safe, shallow waters. When you are relaxing on its beautiful beaches gazing out at azure water, or watching the sun go down over the ocean, sipping a cool drink, you will almost definitely feel that you never want to leave.

3.Malaysian BorneoGreat for nature enthusiasts, animal lovers and adventurers.

Explore the wild nature and tangled jungle of Sarawak or Sabah, the two states of the Malaysian section of the island of Borneo. To get to Borneo, travellers from the US and Europe usually fly first to Kuala Lumpur, where you can then find another flight to Kuching or Miri in Sarawak, or Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan in Sabah. You should choose whether to visit Sarawak or Sabah, as it is not particularly easy to cross the independent country of Brunei to travel between the two.

Niah Caves

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Sarawak and Sabah both have a lot to offer. Both have rainforest to explore and orangutans to visit – one of the major draws for animal lovers. Botanists and gardeners will be fascinated to see the strange and wonderful Rafflesia Flowers in both areas. Sarawak offers visitors the chance to learn about the indigenous Dayak people, to stay in an authentic longhouse in the jungle, and visit the caves at Gunung Mulu and Niah National Parks. Sabah on the offers scuba diving, proboscis monkeys. There you can climb the volcano, Mount Kinabalu, or take a boat trip down the Kinabatangan River.Wherever you decide to go, Malaysian Borneo can offer up the adventure of a lifetime.

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