Healthy Living Starts in the Kitchen!

Did you know that the kitchen contains more germs than in any other room (including the bathroom)? This is shocking giving that the kitchen is usually the hub of family life and is the scene of food and drink preparation multiple times per day. The scary thing is that just one bacteria cell can turn into 8 million cells in less than a day! This makes it increasingly likely that infections will spread through your household just by touching contaminated items in your kitchen – this contributes to those winter illnesses like colds and flu being spread so quickly through your family.

clean healthy kitchen
Keeping your kitchen clean is important! (image source: She Knows)

The kitchen sink is a particular source of germs. For healthy living, it’s really important to fight those germs at their source, so you can use a variety of ways to keep the sink as clean as possible. One of the reasons it is so full of bacteria is because all sorts of food waste gets thrown down there. One idea to help with this is to buy a drain trap – these are really inexpensive and just easily slot over the drain. The holes are small enough that pure liquid will go through but any food particles will not. Once you’ve finished, just lift it out and shake all the remnants into the bin, then wash and replace. This keeps the waste removal process as sanitary as possible in the sink area and has the added benefit of preventing any blockages by stopping larger bits getting stuck!

Keep your kitchen sink always clean like brand new! (image source: Sudoperi AS)

How else can you banish the kitchen sink germs? Spray the drain and basin area every night with a disinfectant and just leave it there – there’s no need to wipe it away. It’s so important to do this every day because there are around 500,000 bacteria in every single square inch of that sink, and anything like raw meat fragments that end up in there during food preparation will carry the risk of E-Coli.

Another problem around the kitchen sink is the sponge you use to do those dishes. Germs love sponges because they’re damp which is the perfect environment for them to thrive. Always rinse your sponge after use and keep it in a sponge holder near the sink – don’t just leave it in there. Also make sure you change your sponge frequently. Alternatively, use a dish rag or towel which you wash every time and then re-use. Not only is this cleaner and promotes healthy living as you only use it once and the temperature of the water in the washing machine will kill bugs effectively, but it’s also better for the environment because you’re no longer buying plastic-wrapped packs of disposable sponges.

kitchen cleaning
A shiny clean kitchen looks always nice! (image source: Home Life)

When it comes to cleaning products, if you don’t like using harsh chemicals in your household, you can still kill those kitchen sink germs in more natural ways. You can make your own cleaner from vinegar, water and baking soda which is very effective. Whatever product or method you choose, just remember that healthy living starts in the kitchen – with those terrifying bacteria numbers, the kitchen sink is a great place to start keeping those germs at bay and developing better cleanliness habits for life!

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