Living in Croatia – Paradise for Sun Seekers

Croatia is a country located across Italy. It is also known as republic of Croatia. This place is renowned for its excellent climate, natural sceneries and its close proximity to the Mediterranean. It is becoming a hot spot for tourist, retired people and investors as well. People looking for a quiet place seek solace over here. So if you are also considering the option of moving in to this city or buying real estate over here then you are probably taking the correct decision. Here is a list of reasons on why you should create your own home at Croatia.

– Flawless Architecture

If you are a fan of history and old as well as timeless architecture then Croatia is the place to be. You can find several examples of Old Mediterranean architecture over here. Greek and Roman influence on Croatia’s history can be witnessed in form of famous Diocletian palace. A historian would also enjoy medieval walled cities like eternal town of Dubrovnik or Korcula town that never fails to attract tourists.

paradise for sun seekers image source: Terra Dalmatica – Real Estate Croatia

– Awesome Landscape

Croatia is very close to the Adriatic Sea and Danube River which offers its residents fresh water and awesome picnic spots. It’s also very close to Dinaric Alps Mountains and the hills of Hrvatsko Zagorje. So if you want to enjoy the amazing landscape you should plan an annual vacation over here and consider buying some real estate to help you make your stay more pleasant.

paradise for sun seekers 2 image source: Croatia National Tourist Board

Suitable Climate

If you are thinking of buying some property in Europe where you can plan a holiday anytime of the year then Croatia is your best choice. The weather here is mostly warm and rainy which allows you to enjoy the sun and the romance of rains. On the contrary if you are a fan of winters then you can also find some areas that are prone to snow fall. Lika and Gorski Kotar are two regions where snow fall is a usual trend.

Entertainment Factor

If you are a fan of theatre then Croatia is perfect for you. You can easily find a number of Roman amphitheatres, museums and galleries. You can explore all these one by one and never get tired. When you buy real estate in Croatia and move here or visit annually, you would also get to be a part of several unique festivals or local traditional ceremonies. You must attend the famous Split and Dubrovnik summer festivals. Being a part of Moreska” battle game on Korcula town is also a part of fun that this amazing country offers.

real estate croatiaimage source: Terra Dalmatica – Real Estate Croatia

– Cultural Significance

You can easily find a lot of churches in Croatia. You can also learn Croatian language if you wish to stay here for a long period of time or are planning to buy some real estate for investment purpose and rent it out. If you are here for the short term then English would mostly do the deed.

– Cuisine

You can find a variety of food options at Croatia. It ranges from different types of pastas to delicious seafood to simple vegetables. You can also taste a number of exquisite wines over here as no meal is considered compete without an appropriate red or white wine. Most of the localities like to indulge in Austrian, Hungarian and Turkish cuisines. Some of the dishes you must try are Pag lamb, smoked ham and Pag island cheese.

paradise for sun seekers 4 image source: Croatia National Tourist Board

– Simple Living

The amount of money you need to maintain a modest lifestyle at Croatia is around a thousand dollars only. The country is fairly cheap when compared to neighboring countries like Italy. It is a nicely developed nation where you can find it all; from local groceries to open-air markets. Purchasing a property or a home is also a very simple process if you go to the correct real estate agent. If you wish to live in a country that is safe for you and your loved ones then Croatia is a perfect choice. There are very few incidents of mugging and thievery over here. You can easily roam around alone during the day or night without bothering about being robbed.

When you purchase real estate in Croatia you would also not have to worry about visiting your property as people are not required to have an entrance visa to enter Croatia. You just need a passport and you are free to make as many visits to this amazing country as you like.

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